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M56: Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms

Edited by J. A. Toni Simo, Robert W. Scott, Jean-Pierre Masse

Front Matter

Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms: An Overview: Chapter 1
J. A. Toni Simo, Robert W. Scott, Jean-Pierre Masse

Economic Resources in Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms: An Overview: Chapter 2
Robert W. Scott, J. A. Toni Simo, Jean-Pierre Masse

Maracaibo Platform (Aptian-Albian), Northwestern Venezuela: Chapter 3
Volker C. Vahrenkamp, Raymond C. W. M. Franssen, Jurgen Grotsch

Early Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms of Northeastern and East-Central Mexico: Chapter 4
J. L. Wilson, W. C. Ward

Cretaceous Platform of Valles-San Luis Potosi, Northeastern Central Mexico: Chapter 5
M. A. Basanez-Loyola, R. Fernandez-Turner

Sedimentation and Tectonic Subsidence During the Albian-Cenomanian in the Chihuahua Basin, Mexico: Chapter 6
Carlos M. Cantu Chapa

An Aptian-Albian Shelf Ramp, Arizona and Sonora: Chapter 7
R. W. Scott, E. R. Warzeski

Early Cretaceous Carbonate Platform, North Rim of the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi and Louisiana: Chapter 8
D. A. Yurewicz, T. B. Marler, K. A. Meyerholtz, F. X. Siroky

Cretaceous Carbonate Platform, U.S. Gulf Coast: Chapter 9
Robert W. Scott

Early Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms of the Northeastern North American Margin: Chapter 10
L. F. Jansa

Upper Aptian-Lower Coniacian Carbonate Sequences in the Sergipe Basin, Northeastern Brazil: Chapter 11
Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos, Nivaldo Destro, Nilo C. de Azambuja Filho, Adali Ricardo Spadini

Late Cenomanian-Early Turonian Shelf Ramp, Niger, West Africa: Chapter 12
A. F. Pascal, B. J. Mathey, K. Alzouma, J. Lang, C. Meister

Turonian and Coniacian Carbonate Platforms from the African Tethyan Margin, Algeria, Tunisia: Chapter 13
G. F. Camoin

Rudist Carbonate Ramp in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey: Chapter 14
S. Ozer

Carbonate Platform Models of Arabian Cretaceous Reservoirs: Chapter 15
A. S. Alsharhan, A. E. M. Nairn

Mishrif Formation (Cenomanian-Turonian), Southern Arabian Gulf: Carbonate Platform Growth Along a Cratonic Basin Margin: Chapter 16
Trevor P. Burchette

Early Cretaceous Platform Margin, Oman, Eastern Arabian Peninsula: Chapter 17
Brian R. Pratt, John D. Smewing

From Aggradation to Progradation: The Maiella Platform, Abruzzi, Italy: Chapter 18
Gregor P. Eberli, Daniel Bernoulli, Diethard Sanders, Adam Vecsei

Characteristics of the Cretaceous Periadriatic Platforms of the Montenegrin Littoral, Yugoslavia: Chapter 19
J. Obradovic, M. Mirkovic, D. Cadenovic, J. Djurdjevic

Aptian Mixed Terrigenous and Carbonate Platforms from Iberic and Prebetic Regions, Spain: Chapter 20
L. Vilas, J.-P. Masse, C. Arias

Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Platform of Albian-Cenomanian Age from the Iberian Basin, Spain: Chapter 21
A. Garcia, M. Segura, J. F. Garcia-Hidalgo, B. Carenas

Late Albian-Middle Cenomanian Carbonate Platforms of Betic and Iberian Basins, Spain: Chapter 22
R. Gimenez, J. Martin-Chivelet, L. Vilas

Late Cenomanian-Early Turonian Platform from Central Eastern Iberia, Spain: Chapter 23
M. Segura, J. F. Garcia-Hidalgo, B. Carenas, A. Garcia

Late Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms: Origin and Evolution, Iberian Range, Spain: Chapter 24
Angela Alonso, Marc Floquet, Ramon Mas, Alfonso Melendez

Aptian-Albian Carbonate Platforms: Central Basque-Cantabrian Basin, Northern Spain: Chapter 25
P. A. Fernandez-Mendiola, I. Gomez-Perez, J. Garcia-Mondejar

Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms and Stratigraphic Sequences, South-Central Pyrenees, Spain: Chapter 26
J. A. Toni Simo

Facies and Geometry of les Collades de Basturs Carbonate Platform, Upper Cretaceous, South-Central Pyrenees: Chapter 27
Eulalia Gili

Late Cretaceous Reefal Platform Development in the Northeastern Pyrenees, France: Chapter 28
M. Bilotte

Valanginian-Early Aptian Carbonate Platforms from Provence, Southeastern France: Chapter 29
Jean-Pierre Masse

Late Cretaceous Carbonate-Siliciclastic Platforms of Provence, Southeastern France: Chapter 30
J. Philip

Evolution of the Tithonian-Aptian Carbonate Platform Along the Northern Tethyan Margin, Eastern Helvetic Alps: Chapter 31
Hanspeter Funk, Karl B. Follmi, Hans Mohr

The Middle Cretaceous Urgonian Platform of Southeastern France: Chapter 32
Dave Hunt , Maurice E. Tucker

Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Carbonate Platform in the Northern Caucasus and Precaucasus: Chapter 33
Vitaly G. Kuznetsov

Middle Cretaceous Carbonate Bank on the Daiichi-Kashima Seamount at the Junction of the Japan and Izu-Bonin Trenches: Chapter 34
Masahiro Shiba