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M57: Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy: Recent Developments and Applications

Edited by Robert G. Loucks and J. Frederick Sarg

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Carbonate Depositional Sequences and Systems Tracts--Responses of Carbonate Platforms to Relative Sea-Level Changes: Chapter 1
C. Robertson Handford, Robert G. Loucks

Stratigraphic Framework of Productive Carbonate Buildups: Chapter 2
Stephen M. Greenlee, Patrick J. Lehmann

The Drowning Succession in Jurassic Carbonates of the Venetian Alps, Italy: A Record of Supercontinent Breakup, Gradual Eustatic Rise, and Eutrophication of Shallow-Water Environments: Chapter 3
William G. Zempolich

Timing of Deposition, Diagenesis, and Failure of Steep Carbonate Slopes in Response to a High-Amplitude/High-Frequency Fluctuation in Sea Level, Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas: Chapter 4
G. Michael Grammer, Robert N. Ginsburg, Paul M. Harris

Influence of Sediment Type and Depositional Processes on Stratal Patterns in the Permian Basin-Margin Lamar Limestone, McKittrick Canyon, Texas: Chapter 5
A. A. Brown, R. G. Loucks

Reciprocal Lowstand Clastic and Highstand Carbonate Sedimentation, Subsurface Devonian Reef Complex, Canning Basin, Western Australia: Chapter 6
Peter N. Southgate, John M. Kennard, Michael J. Jackson, Phillip E. O'Brien, Michael J. Sexton

Origin of Sedimentary Cycles in Mixed Carbonate--Siliciclastic Systems: An Example from the Canning Basin, Western Australia: Chapter 7
Ann E. Holmes, Nicholas Christie-Blick

Upper Pennsylvanian Seismic Sequences and Facies of the Eastern and Southern Horseshoe Atoll, Midland Basin, West Texas: Chapter 8
Lowell E. Waite

Response of Carbonate Platform Margins to Drowning: Evidence of Environmental Collapse: Chapter 9
R. N. Erlich, A. P. Longo Jr., S. Hyare

Sequence Stratigraphy of Aggrading and Backstepping Carbonate Shelves, Oligocene, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia: Chapter 10
Arthur Saller, Richard Armin, La Ode Ichram, Charlotte Glenn-Sullivan

Sequence Stratigraphy of a Miocene Carbonate Buildup, Java Sea: Chapter 11
M. A. Cucci, M. H. Clark

Parasequence Stacking Patterns, Third-Order Accommodation Events, and Sequence Stratigraphy of Middle to Upper Cambrian Platform Carbonates, Bonanza King Formation, Southern Great Basin: Chapter 12
Isabel P. Montanez, David A. Osleger

Sequence Stratigraphy and Evolution of a Progradational, Foreland Carbonate Ramp, Lower Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation and Stratigraphic Equivalents, Montana and Idaho: Chapter 13
S. K. Reid, S. L. Dorobek

Sequence Stratigraphy and Systems Tract Development of the Latemar Platform, Middle Triassic of the Dolomites (Northern Italy): Outcrop Calibration Keyed by Cycle Stacking Patterns: Chapter 14
R. K. Goldhammer, M. T. Harris, P. A. Dunn, L. A. Hardie

High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy in Prograding Miocene Carbonates: Application to Seismic Interpretation: Chapter 15
L. Pomar

Sequence Stratigraphy of Miocene Carbonate Complexes, Las Negras Area, Southeastern Spain: Implications for Quantification of Changes in Relative Sea Level: Chapter 16
Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein, Tracey E. Whitesell

Volumetric Partitioning and Facies Differentiation within the Permian Upper San Andres Formation of Last Chance Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico: Chapter 17
Mark D. Sonnenfeld, Timothy A. Cross

Ancient Outcrop and Modern Examples of Platform Carbonate Cycles--Implications for Subsurface Correlation and Understanding Reservoir Heterogeneity: Chapter 18
P. M. Harris, Charles Kerans, D. G. Bebout

Parasequence Geometry as a Control on Permeability Evolution: Examples from the San Andres and Grayburg Formations in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico: Chapter 19
Susan D. Hovorka, H. S. Nance, Charles Kerans

Stratigraphic Patterns and Cycle-Related Diagenesis of Upper Yates Formation, Permian, Guadalupe Mountains: Chapter 20
Maria Mutti, J. Antonio Toni Simo