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M58: Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy: Recent Developments and Applications

Edited by Paul Weimer and Henry Posamentier

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Recent Developments and Applications in Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphy: Chapter 1: Overview
Paul Weimer, Henry W. Posamentier

The Relative Success of Siliciclastic Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts in Exploration: Examples from Incised Valley Fill and Turbidite Systems Reservoirs: Chapter 2
David W. Bowen, Paul Weimer, Alan J. Scott

Deposition of Fourth-Order, Post-Rift Sequences and Sequence Sets, Lower Cretaceous (Lower Valanginian to Lower Aptian), Pletmos Basin, Southern Offshore, South Africa: Chapter 3
G. J. Brink, J. H. G. Keenan

Sequence Stratigraphy of Petroleum Plays, Post-Rift Cretaceous Rocks (Lower Aptian to Upper Maastrichtian), Orange Basin, Western Offshore, South Africa: Chapter 4
A. Muntingh, L. F. Brown Jr.

Integrated Stratigraphic and Depositional-Facies Analysis of Parasequences in a Transgressive Systems Tract, San Joaquin Basin, California: Chapter 5
Robert S. Tye, James S. Hewlett, Peter R. Thompson, David K. Goodman

Stratigraphic and Combination Traps Within a Seismic Sequence Framework, Miocene Stevens Turbidites, Bakersfield Arch, California: Chapter 6
James S. Hewlett, Douglas W. Jordan

Recognizing Sequences and Systems Tracts from Well Logs, Seismic Data, and Biostratigraphy: Examples from the Late Cenozoic of the Gulf of Mexico: Chapter 7
Robert M. Mitchum, John B. Sangree, Peter R. Vail, Walter W. Wornardt

Variations in Slope Deposition, Pliocene-Pleistocene, Offshore Louisiana, Northeast Gulf of Mexico: Chapter 8
Andrew J. Pulham

Detailed Facies Anatomy of Transgressive and Highstand Systems Tracts from the Upper Cretaceous of Southern Utah, U.S.A.: Chapter 9
Robert D. Hettinger, Peter J. McCabe, Keith W. Shanley

Genesis and Architecture of Incised Valley Fill Sequences: A Late Quaternary Example from the Colorado River, Gulf Coastal Plain of Texas: Chapter 10
Michael D. Blum

Application of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy to the Upper Rotliegend in the Netherlands Offshore: Chapterr 11
Chang-Shu Yang, Swie-Djin Nio

Sequence Stratigraphy of a Lacustrine System: Upper Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), Wind River Basin,Wyoming, U.S.A.: Chapter 12
Louis M. Liro

Evaluation of Eustasy, Subsidence, and Sediment Input as Controls on Depositional Sequence Geometries and the Synchroneity of Sequence Boundaries: Chapter 13
David T. Lawrence

Effects of Variations in Subsidence and Sediment Supply on Parasequence Stacking Patterns: Chapter 14
F. L. Wehr

An Experimental Study of the Influence of Subaqueous Shelf Angles on Coastal Plain and Shelf Deposits: Chapter 15
L. J. Wood, F. G. Ethridge, S. A. Schumm

Eolian Sequence Stratigraphy--A Conceptual Framework: Chapter 16
Gary Kocurek, Karen G. Havholm

Photostratigraphic Characteristics of Sequence Stratigraphic Features and Patterns: Upper Cretaceous and Eocene Strata of the South-Central Pyrenees, Spain: Chapter 17
Maria Sgavetti

Use of Genetic Sequence Stratigraphy in Defining and Determining a Regional Tectonic Control on the "Mid-Cimmerian Unconformity"--Implications for North Sea Basin Development and the Global Sea Level Chart: Chapter 18
John R. Underhill, Mark A. Partington