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M65: Salt Tectonics: A Global Perspective

Edited by M. P. A. Jackson, D. G. Roberts, and S. Snelson


Chapter 1: Retrospective Salt Tectonics
M. P. A. Jackson

Chapter 2: Geometric Rules of Section Balancing for Salt Structures
Jake Hossack

Chapter 3: Evolution of Salt-Related Structures in Compressional Settings
J. Letouzey, B. Colletta, R. Vially, and J. C. Chermette

Chapter 4: Molding of Salt Diapirs by Stiff Overburden
C. J. Talbot

Chapter 5: Salt Glacier and Composite Sediment-Salt Glacier Models for the Emplacement and Early Burial of Allochthonous Salt Sheets
Raymond C. Fletcher, Michael R. Hudec, and Ian A. Watson

Chapter 6: Cenozoic Structural Evolution and Tectono-Stratigraphic Framework of the Northern Gulf Coast Continental Margin
F. A. Diegel, J. F. Karlo, D. C Schuster, R. C. Shoup, and P. R. Tauvers

Chapter 7: Genetic Structural Provinces and Salt Tectonics of the Cenozoic Offshore U.S. Gulf of Mexico: A Preliminary Analysis
F. J. Peel, C. J. Travis, and J. R. Hossack

Chapter 8: Deformation of Allochthonous Salt and Evolution of Related Salt-Structural Systems, Eastern Louisiana Gulf Coast
D. C. Schuster

Chapter 9: Structural Styles and Evolution of Allochthonous Salt, Central Louisiana Outer Shelf and Upper Slope
Mark G. Rowan

Chapter 10: Salt-Influenced Structures in the Mesozoic-Tertiary Cover of the Southern North Sea, U.K.
Mike Coward and Simon Stewart

Chapter 11: Evaluation of Some Salt-Related Overburden Structures in the U.K. Southern North Sea
Robert J. Hooper and Colin More

Chapter 12: Fault-Related Salt Tectonics in the Southern North Sea, The Netherlands
G. Remmelts

Chapter 13: Salt Tectonics and Structural Styles in the Deep-Water Province of the Cabo Frio Region, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
W. U. Mohriak, J. M. Macedo, R. T. Castellani, H. D. Rangel, A. Z. N. Barros, M. A. L. Latge, A. M. P. Mizusaki, P. Szatmari, L. S. Demercian, J. G. Rizzo, and J. R. Aires

Chapter 14: Seismic and Experimental Evidence for Thin-Skinned Horizontal Shortening by Convergent Radial Gliding on Evaporites, Deep-Water Santos Basin, Brazil
Peter R. Cobbold, Peter Szatmari, L. Santiago Demercian, Dimas Coelho, and Eduardo A. Rossello

Chapter 15: Salt Deformation History and Postsalt Structural Trends, Offshore Southern Gabon, West Africa
L. M. Liro and R. Coen

Chapter 16: Superposed Neogene Extension, Contraction, and Salt Canopy Emplacement in the Yemeni Red Sea
R. C. Heaton, M. P. A. Jackson, M. Bamahmoud, and A. S. O. Nani

Chapter 17: Extensional Diapirism in the Eastern Prebetic Foldbelt, Southeastern Spain
Menno J. de Ruig

Chapter 18: Fold Development Related to Contractional Salt Tectonics: Southeastern Pyrenean Thrust Front, Spain
M. Sans and J. Verges

Chapter 19: Tectonics and Kinematics of a Foreland Folded Belt Influenced by Salt, Arctic Canada
J. Christopher Harrison

Chapter 20: Influence of Regional Tectonics on Halokinesis in the Nordkapp Basin, Barents Sea
Kare T. Nilsen, Bruno C. Vendeville, and Jan-Terje Johansen

Chapter 21: Salt Tectonics in the Northeastern Nordkapp Basin, Southwestern Barents Sea
Hemin Koyi, Christopher J. Talbot and Bjørn O. Tørudbakken