Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M69: Reservoir Quality Prediction in Sandstones and Carbonates

Edited by J. A. Kupecz, J. Gluyas, and S. Bloch

Reservoir Quality Prediction in Sandstones and Carbonates: An Overview
Julie A. Kupecz, Jon Gluyas, Salman Bloch

Porosity Prediction in Frontier Basins: A Systematic Approach to Estimating Subsurface Reservoir Quality from Outcrop Samples
R. C. Tobin

Prediction of Porosity in Compacted Sands
Jon Gluyas and Christopher A. Cade

Porosity Variation in Carbonates as a Function of Depth: Mississippian Madison Group, Williston Basin
Alton Brown

Predicting Reservoir Quality Using Linear Regression Models and Neural Networks
K. M. Love, C. Strohmenger, A. Woronow, K. Rockenbauch

Global Patterns in Sandstone Diagenesis: Their Application to Reservoir Quality Prediction for Petroleum Exploration
Tim J. Primmer, Chris A. Cade, Jonathan Evans, Jon G. Gluyas, Mark S. Hopkins, Norman. H. Oxtoby, P. Craig Smalley, Edward A. Warren, Richard H. Worden

Burial History and Porosity Evolution of Brazilian Upper Jurassic to Tertiary Sandstone Reservoirs
Cristiano Leite Sombra, Hung Kiang Chang

A Geological Approach to Permeability Prediction in Clastic Reservoirs
Jonathan Evans, Chris Cade, Steven Bryant

Detecting Permeability Gradients in Sandstone Complexes--Quantifying the Effect of Diagenesis on Fabric
Robert Ehrlich, Mark C. Bowers, Virginia L. Riggert, Christopher M. Prince

Geostatistical Simulation of Reservoir Porosity Distribution from 3-D, 3-C Seismic Reflection and Core Data in the Lower Nisku Formation at Joffre Field, Alberta
Raul Cabrera-Garzon, John F. Arestad, Kadri Dagdelen, Thomas L. Davis

Geometry of Dolomite Bodies Within Deep-Water Resedimented Oolite of the Middle Jurassic Vajont Limestone, Venetian Alps, Italy: Analogs for Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Created Through Fault-Related Burial Dolomitization
William G. Zempolich, Lawrence A. Hardie

Poroperm Prediction for Wildcat Exploration Prospects: Miocene Epoch, Southern Red Sea
Jon G. Gluyas, Trevor Witton

Porosity--Depth Trends in Deeply Buried Upper Jurassic Reservoirs in the Norwegian Central Graben: An Example of Porosity Preservation Beneath the Normal Economic Basement by Grain-Coating Microquartz
Mogens Ramm, Arne W. Forsberg, Jens S. Jahren

Poroperm Prediction for Reserves Growth Exploration: Ula Trend, Norwegian North Sea
Jon G. Gluyas

Predicting Porosity Distribution Within Oolitic Tidal Bars
Larry J. Cavallo, Richard Smosna

Predicting Reservoir Quality at the Development Scale: Methods for Quantifying Remaining Hydrocarbon Resource in Diagenetically Complex Carbonate Reservoirs
R. P. Major, Mark H. Holtz

Depositional Controls Over Porosity Development in Lithic Sandstones of the Appalachian Basin: Reducing Exploration Risk
Richard Smosna, Kathy R. Bruner

Predicting Reservoir Properties in Dolomites: Upper Devonian Leduc Buildups, Deep Alberta Basin
Eric W. Mountjoy, Xiomara M. Marquez