Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M70: Abnormal Pressures in Hydrocarbon Environments

Edited by B. E. Law, G. F. Ulmishek, and V. I. Slavin


Chapter 1: Abnormal Pressure in Hydrocarbon Environments
Ben E. Law and C. W. Spencer

Chapter 2: Mechanisms that Generate Abnormal Pressures: an Overview
Richard E. Swarbrick and Mark J. Osborne

Chapter 3: Overpressure Models for Clastic Rocks, Their Relation to Hydrocarbon
Jean Burrus

Chapter 4: Shale Porosities from Well Logs on Haltenbanken (Offshore Mid-Norway) Show No Influence of Overpressuring
C. Hermanrud, L. Wensaas, G. M. G. Teige, H. M. Nordgard Bolas, S. Hansen, and E. Vik

Chapter 5: Relation of Shale Porosities, Gas Generation, and Compaction to Deep Overpressures in the U.S. Gulf Coast
John M. Hunt, Jean K. Whelan, Lorraine Buxton Eglinton, and Lawrence M. Cathles III

Chapter 6: Abnormally High Formation Pressures: Origin, Prediction, Hydrocarbon Field Development, and Ecological Problems
V. I. Slavin

Chapter 7: Abnormally High Formation Pressures in Petroleum Regions of Russia and Other Countries of the C.I.S.
M. D. Belonin and V. I. Slavin

Chapter 8: Distribution and Origin of Overpressure in the Central Graben of the North Sea
Gordon M. Holm

Chapter 9: Pressure Regimes and Pressure Systems in the Adriatic Foredeep (Italy)
Sandro Carlin and Jacopo Dainelli

Chapter 10: Abnormally High Formation Pressure and Seal Impacts on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Nile Delta and North Sinai Basins, Egypt
M. Nashaat

Chapter 11: Causes of Formation and Distribution of Abnormally High Formation Pressure in Petroleum Basins of Ukraine
A. J. Polutranko

Chapter 12: Abnormal Pressures Encountered in a Deep Wildcat Well, Southern Piceance Basin, Colorado
Michael S. Wilson, Kristine Peterson, Bret G. Gunneson, Royale Honore, Matthew M. Laughland

Chapter 13: Abnormal Pressure and the Occurrence of Hydrocarbons in Offshore Eastern Trinidad, West Indies
P. D. Heppard, H. S. Cander, E. B. Eggertson

Chapter 14: Abnormally High Formation Pressures, Potwar Plateau, Pakistan
Ben E. Law