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M73: Petroleum Systems of South Atlantic Margins

Edited by Marcio Rocha Mello and Barry J. Katz

Chapter 1: Petroleum Systems of South Atlantic Marginal Basins--An Overview
B. J. Katz and M. R. Mello

Chapter 2: Geochemical Comparison of Crude Oil Along the South Atlantic Margins
C. F. Schiefelbein, J. E. Zumberge, N. C. Cameron, and S. W. Brown

Chapter 3: Integrated Basin Modeling Helps to Decipher Petroleum Systems
J-L. Rudkiewicz, H. L. de B. Penteado, A. Vear, M. Vandenbroucke, F. Brigaud, J. Wendebourg, and S. Duppenbecker

Chapter 4: Petroleum Geochemistry Applied to Petroleum System Investigation
M. R. Mello, J. M. Moldowan, J. Dahl, and A. G. Requejo

Chapter 5: Mapping the Petroleum System--An Investigative Technique to Explore the Hydrocarbon Fluid System
L. B. Magoon and W. G. Dow

Chapter 6: Habitat of Petroleum Along the South Atlantic Margins
Peter Szatmari

Chapter 7: Reservoir Systems of Selected Basins of the South Atlantic
Louis M. Liro and William C. Dawson

Chapter 8: Seismic Evidence for Widespread Gas Hydrate Formation, Offshore West Africa
Robert Cunningham and Rosanne M. Lindholm

Chapter 9: New Geochemical Characterization of Natural Gas and Its Use in Oil and Gas Evaluation
A. Prinzhofer, M. R. Mello, L. C. da Silva Freitas, and T. Takaki

Chapter 10: Fault Seal: Contrasts Between the Exploration and Production Problem
F. L. Wehr, L. H. Fairchild, M. R. Hudec, R. K. Shafto, W. T. Shea, and J. P. White

Chapter 11: Controls on Overpressure in Rapidly Subsiding Basins and Implications for Failure of Top Seal
D. R. Converse, P. H. Nicholson, R. J. Pottorf, and T. W. Miller

Chapter 12: Alagamar-Açu Petroleum System, Onshore Potiguar Basin, Brazil: A Numerical Approach for Secondary Migration
J. D. Souto Filho, A. C. F. Correa, E. V. Santos Neto, and L. A. F. Trindade

Chapter 13: Petroleum Geology of the Amazonas Basin, Brazil: Modeling of Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration
F. G. Gonzaga, F. T. T. Gonalves, and L. F. C. Coutinho

Chapter 14: Geochemical Characterization and Compositional Evolution of the Gomo Member Source Rocks in the Reconcavo Basin, Brazil
Henrique Luiz de Barros Penteado and Franoise Behar

Chapter 15: Deformation Mechanisms in Porous Sandstones: Implications for Development of Fault Seal and Migration Paths in the Reconcavo Basin, Brazil
Luciano P. Magnavita

Chapter 16: Niger Delta Petroleum Systems, Nigeria
Richard C. Haack, P. Sundararaman, Jacob O. Diedjomahor, Hongbin Xiao, Nicholas J. Gant, Eric D. May, and Ken Kelsch

Chapter 17: Aromatic Hydrocarbon Distribution and Calculation of Oil and Gas Volumes in Post-Santonian Shale and Coal, Anambra Basin, Nigeria
I. M. Akaegbobi, J. I. Nwachukwu, and M. Schmitt

Chapter 18: Petroleum Systems of the Ogoou Delta, Offshore Gabon
B. J. Katz, W. C. Dawson, L. M. Liro, V. D. Robison, and J. D. Stonebraker

Chapter 19: Petroleum System of the Camamu-Almada Basin: A Quantitative Modeling Approach
F. T. T. Goncalves, R. P. Bedregal, L. F. C. Coutinho, and M. R. Mello

Chapter 20: Crustal Architecture, Sedimentation, and Petroleum Systems in the Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Northeastern Brazil
W. U. Mohriak, M. R. Mello, M. Bassetto, I. S. Vieira, and E. A. M. Koutsoukos

Chapter 21: Rifts of the Campos and Santos Basins, Southeastern Brazil: Distribution and Timing
Garry D. Karner

Chapter 22: Petroleum System of the Campos Basin, Brazil
L. R. Guardado, A. R. Spadini, J. S. L. Brandao, and M. R. Mello

Chapter 23: Petroleum Geochemical Assessment of the Lower Congo Basin
G. A. Cole, A. G. Requejo, D. Ormerod, Z. Yu, and A. Clifford

Chapter 24: Toca Carbonate, Congo Basin: Response to an Evolving Rift Lake
Nicholas B. Harris

Chapter 25: Petroleum Systems of Offshore Cabinda, Angola
Noelle B. Schoellkopf and Brooks A. Patterson

Chapter 26: The Atypical Permian Petroleum System of the Parana Basin, Brazil
L. M. Araujo, J. A. Triguis, J. R. Cerqueira, and L. C. da S. Freitas

Chapter 27: Petroleum Systems Analysis of the Eastern Colorado Basin, Offshore Northern Argentina
David C. Bushnell, Jorge E. Baldi, Fernando H. Bettini, Humberto Franzin, Edward Ned Kovas, Raul Marinelli, and Grant J. Wartenburg

Chapter 28: A Failed Hydrocarbon System--Rawson Basins, Argentina
Robert M. Otis and Nahum Schneidermann

Chapter 29: Postrift Development of the Walvis Basin, Namibia: Results from the Exploration Campaign in Quadrant 1911
Erik Holtar and Arne Willy Forsberg