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M77: A Color Guide to the Petrography of Carbonate Rocks: Grains, Textures, Porosity, Diagenesis

Peter A. Scholle and Dana Ulmer-Scholle

About the Authors, Table of Contents, Introduction, Explanation of Captions

Chapter 1: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Calcimicrobes and Calcareous Algae

Chapter 2: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Foraminifers

Chapter 3: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Other Micro- and Nannofossils

Chapter 4: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Annelids and Related Groups

Chapter 5: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Sponges and Related Groups

Chapter 6: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Corals, Octocorals, and Hydrozoans

Chapter 7: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Bryozoans

Chapter 8: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Brachiopods

Chapter 9: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Mollusks

Chapter 10: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Echinoderms

Chapter 11: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Arthropods

Chapter 12: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Problematica

Chapter 13: GRAINS: Skeletal Fragments: Vertebrate and Plant Remains

Chapter 14: GRAINS: Non-skeletal Grains: Ooids, Pisoids, and Other Coated Grains

Chapter 15: GRAINS: Non-skeletal Grains: Intraclasts and Extraclasts

Chapter 16: GRAINS: Non-skeletal Grains: Pellets and Peloids

Chapter 17: GRAINS: Non-skeletal Grains: Non-carbonate Grains

Chapter 18: CARBONATE MATRIX: Carbonate Mud, Micrite and Microspar


Chapter 20: CARBONATE CLASSIFICATION: Rocks and Sediments


Chapter 22: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Processes and Terminology

Chapter 23: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Syngenetic/Eogenetic Marine Diagenesis

Chapter 24: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Eogenetic Meteoric Diagenesis

Chapter 25: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Meso- and Telogenetic Burial Diagenesis

Chapter 26: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Dolomite and Siderite

Chapter 27: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Sulfate and Chloride Minerals

Chapter 28: CARBONATE DIAGENESIS: Silica Cementation and Replacement

Chapter 29: CARONATE DIAGENESIS: Other Diagenetic Materials

Chapter 30: Analytical Techniques

Glossary of Petrographic Terms