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M8: Diapirism and Diapirs

Edited by Jules Braunstein and Gerald D. O'Brien

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Survey of Diapirs and Diapirism
G. D. O'Brien

Model Diapirs, Plasticity, and Tension
W. F. Tanner, G. K. Williams

Salt Diapirism: Importance of Temperature, and Energy Source of Emplacement
William Carruthers Gussow

Review of Mechanical Properties of Salt Relating to Salt-Dome Genesis
Helmer Ode

Relationship of Internal to External Structure of Salt Domes
Donald H. Kupfer

Internal Structure and Petrofabrics of Gulf Coast Salt Domes
William R. Muehlberger, Patricia S. Clabaugh

Salt Structures of Gulf of Mexico Basin--A Review
Grover E. Murray

Outlining Shale Masses By Geophysical Methods Electric-Log Characteristics of Diapiric Shale
A. W. Musgrave, W. G. Hicks

Electric-Log Characteristics of Diapiric Shale
J. A. Gilreath

Mudlumps: Diapiric Structures in Mississippi Delta Sediments
James P. Morgan, James M. Coleman, S. M. Gagliano

Exposed Middle Tertiary Mud Diapirs and Related Features in South Texas
P. S. Freeman

Piercement Structures in Canadian Arctic Islands
Don B. Gould, George de Mille

Upheaval Dome, A Possible Salt Dome in Paradox Basin, Utah
Richard B. Mattox

Diapiric Structures in Diablo Range, California
Gordon B. Oakeshott

Morphology and Origin of Salt Domes of Isthmus of Tehuantepec
H. Contreras V., M. Castillon B.

Salt-Stock Families in Northwestern Germany
D. Sannemann

Recent Peat Diapirs in the Netherlands: A Comparison With Gulf Coast Salt Structures
William R. Paine

Diapirs in Western Pyrenees and Foreland, Spain
Roland Brinkmann, Herbert Logters

Iza, An Unusual Diapir in Northern Spain
L. W. Sappenfield, E. R. Schroeder

Diapiric Structures and Late Precambrian-Early Cambrian Sedimentation in Flinders Ranges, South Australia
C. R. Dalgarno , J. E. Johnson

Diapiric Structures in Central Cuba
A. A. Meyerhoff, C. W. Hatten

Indexed Bibliography of Diapirism and Diapirs