Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M80: Integration of outcrop and modern analogs in reservoir modeling

Edited by G. M. Grammer, P. M. "Mitch" Harris, and G. P. Eberli

Integration of Outcrop and Modern Analogs in Reservoir Modeling: Overview with Examples from the Bahamas
G. Michael Grammer, Paul M. Mitch Harris, Gregor P. Eberli

Depositional Themes of Mixed Carbonate-siliciclastics in the South Florida Neogene: Application to Ancient Deposits
D. F. McNeill, K. J. Cunningham, L. A. Guertin, F. S. Anselmetti

Predicting Tidal Sand Reservoir Architecture Using Data from Modern and Ancient Depositional Systems
Lesli J. Wood

Sequence-stratigraphic and Paleogeographic Distribution of Reservoir-quality Dolomite, Madison Formation, Wyoming and Montana
Langhorne B. Smith Jr., Gregor P. Eberli, Mark Sonnenfeld

A Laterally Accreting Grainstone Margin from the Albian of Northern Mexico: Outcrop Model for Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs
David A. Osleger, Roger Barnaby, Charles Kerans

An Upper Mississippian Carbonate Ramp System from the Pedregosa Basin, Southwestern New Mexico, U.S.A.: An Outcrop Analog for Middle Carboniferous Carbonate Reservoirs
David J. Sivils

Sedimentology, Statistics, and Flow Behavior for a Tide-influenced Deltaic Sandstone, Frontier Formation, Wyoming, United States
Christopher D. White, Brian J. Willis, Shirley P. Dutton, Janok P. Bhattacharya, Keshav Narayanan

A Comparison of Two Early Miocene Carbonate Margins: The Zhujiang Carbonate Platform (Subsurface, South China Sea) and the Pirin Platform (Outcrop, Southern Turkey)
P. Bassant, F. Van Buchem, A. Strasser, A. Lomando

Accommodation-controlled Systems-tractspecific Facies Partitioning and Resulting Geometric Development of Reservoir Grainstone Ramp-crest Shoal Bodies
Victoria L. French, Charles Kerans

Reservoir Characterization in the San Andres Formation of Vacuum Field, Lea County, New Mexico: Another Use of the San Andres Algerita Outcrop Model For Improved Reservoir Description
Emily L. Stoudt, Michael A. Raines

An Integrated Approach to Characterization and Modeling of Deep-water Reservoirs, Diana Field, Western Gulf of Mexico
Morgan D. Sullivan, J. Lincoln Foreman, David C. Jennette, David Stern, Gerrick N. Jensen, Frank J. Goulding

Outcrop-based Three-dimensional Modeling of the Tensleep Sandstone at Alkali Creek, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming
B. N. Ciftci, A. A. Aviantara, N. F. Hurley, D. R. Kerr

Integration of High-resolution Outcrop and Subsurface Data to Enhance Interpretation of Low-resolution Seismic Data in the Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Carbonate System in Western Canada
Anne M. Schwab, Frans S. P. van Buchem, Gregor P. Eberli

Well Placement, Cost Reduction, and Increased Production Using Reservoir Models Based on Outcrop, Core, Well-log, Seismic Data, and Modern Analogs: Onshore and Offshore Western Trinidad
Grant D. Wach, Christopher S. Lolley, Donald S. Mims, Clyde A. Sellers

Integrating Sequence Stratigraphy and Multiple Three-dimensional Geostatistical Realizations in Constructing a Model of the Second Eocene Reservoir, Wafra Field, Partitioned Neutral Zone, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
Dennis W. Dull

Outcrop and Waterflood Simulation Modeling of the 100-Foot Channel Complex, Texas, and the Ainsa II Channel Complex, Spain: Analogs to Multistory and Multilateral Channelized Slope Reservoirs
D. K. Larue

Computer Simulation of Carbonate Sedimentary and Shallow Diagenetic Processes
Fumiaki Matsuda, Michinori Saito, Ryotaro Iwahashi, Hiroshi Oda, Yoshihiro Tsuji

Multiple-point Geostatistics: A Quantitative Vehicle for Integrating Geologic Analogs into Multiple Reservoir Models
Jef Caers, Tuanfeng Zhang