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M85: Faults, Fluid Flow, and Petroleum Traps

Rasoul Sorkhabi and Yoshihiro Tsuji

Front Matter: About the Authors, Acknowledgments, Table of Contents

Ch.1 - The Place of Faults in Petroleum Traps
Rasoul Sorkhabi and Yoshihiro Tsuji

Ch.2 - Estimating the Amount of Oil and Gas Accumulation from Top Seal and Trap Geometry
Fuminori Sawamura and Kazuo Nakayama

Ch.3 - Fault-seal Analysis in the Temana Field, Offshore Sarawak, Malaysia
Shutaro Hasegawa, Rasoul Sorkhabi, Shoji Iwanaga, Naofumi Sakuyama, and Othman Ali Mahmud

Ch.4 - Fault-seal Analysis Applied to the Erawan Gas-condensate Field in the Gulf of Thailand
Tokio Kachi, Hideki Yamada, Kiyoshi Yasuhara, Masamichi Fujimoto, Shutaro Hasegawa, Shoji Iwanaga, and Rasoul Sorkhabi

Ch.5 - Extensional Fault System Evolution and Reservoir Connectivity
Darrell W. Sims, Alan P. Morris, David A. Ferrill, and Rasoul Sorkhabi

Ch.6 - Analog Models of Faults Associated with Salt Doming and Wrenching: Application to offshore United Arab Emirates
Yasuhiro Yamada, Hitoshi Okamura, Yoshihiko Tamura, and Futoshi Tsuneyama

Ch.7 - Digital Sandbox Modeling Using Distinct Element Method: Applications to Fault Tectonics
Yasuhiro Yamada and Toshifumi Matsuoka

Ch.8 - Development of Synthetic Layer Dip Adjacent to Normal Faults
David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, Darrell W. Sims, Deborah J. Waiting, and Shutaro Hasegawa

Ch.9 - Fault Zone Architecture and Permeability Distribution in the Neogene Clastics of Northern Sarawak (Miri Airport Road Outcrop), Malaysia
Rasoul Sorkhabi and Shutaro Hasegawa

Ch.10 - Distribution and Nature of Fault Architecture in a Layered Sandstone and Shale Sequence: An Example from the Moab Fault, Utah
N. C. Davatzes and A. Aydin

CH.11 - The Geometry and Thickness of Deformation-band Fault Core and its Influence on Sealing Characteristics of Deformation-band Fault Zones
Z. K. Shipton, J. P. Evans, and L. B. Thompson

Ch.12 - Petrophysical Properties and Sealing Capacity of Fault Rock, Aztec Sandstone, Nevada
Eric Flodin, Martha Gerdes, Atilla Aydin, and William D. Wiggins

Ch.13 - Permeability Evolution during Deformation of Siliciclastic Sandstones from Moab, Utah
O. Kwon, B. T. Ngwenya, I. G. Main, and S. C. Elphick

Ch.14 - Quantifying Compaction and Cementation in Deformation Bands in Porous Sandstones
K. L. Milliken, R. M. Reed, and S. E. Laubach

Ch.15 - Geochemical Signatures of Fluid Flow in Thrust Sheets: Fluid-inclusion and Stable Isotope Studies of Calcite Veins in Western Wyoming
Rasoul Sorkhabi

Ch.16 - Zircon Fission-track Thermochronology of the Nojima Fault Zone, Japan
Takahiro Tagami and Masaki Murakami

Ch17 - Dating of Fault Gouges from the Major Active Faults in Southwest Japan: Constraints from Integrated K-Ar and XRD Analyses
Hideo Takagi, Akira Iwamura, Dohta Awaji, Tetsumaru Itaya, and Toshinori Okada

Appendix - A Bibliographic Guide to Fault Traps, Fault Seals, and Fault-related Fluid Flow in Sedimentary Basins
Rasoul Sorkhabi