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M88: Giant Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of the World:
From Rocks to Reservoir Characterization and Modeling

Edited by P.M. (Mitch) Harris and L.J. (Jim) Weber

Introduction: Giant Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of the World: From Rocks to Reservoir Characterization and Modeling
P.M. Harris, L.J. Weber

Chapter 1: Late Visean to Bashkirian Platform Cyclicity in the Central Tengiz Buildup, Precaspian Basin, Kazakhstan: Depositional Evolution and Reservoir Development
J.A.M. Kenter, P.M. Harris, J.F. Collins, L.J. Weber, G. Kuanysheva, D.J. Fischer

Chapter 2: Facies and Reservoir-quality Variations in the Late Visean to Bashkirian Outer Platform, Rim, and Flank of the Tengiz Buildup, Precaspian Basin, Kazakhstan
J.F. Collins, J.A.M. Kenter, P.M. Harris, G. Kuanysheva, D.J. Fischer, K.L. Steffen

Chapter 3: Ghawar Arab-D Reservoir: Widespread Porosity in Shoaling-upward Carbonate Cycles, Saudi Arabia
Robert F. Lindsay, Dave L. Cantrell, Geraint W. Hughes, Thomas H. Keith, Harry W. Mueller III, S. Duffy Russell

Chapter 4: High-resolution Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Characterization of Upper Thamama (Lower Cretaceous) Reservoirs of a Giant Abu Dhabi Oil Field, United Arab Emirates
Christian J. Strohmenger, L. Jim Weber, Ahmed Ghani, Khalil Al-Mehsin, Omar Al-Jeelani, Adbulla Al-Mansoori, Taha Al-Dayyani, Lee Vaughan, Sameer A. Khan, John C. Mitchell

Chapter 5: Three-dimensional Characterization of a Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir, Lower Cretaceous, Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
Lyndon A. Yose, Amy S. Ruf, Christian J. Strohmenger, Jim S. Schuelke, Andy Gombos, Ismail Al-Hosani, Shamsa Al-Maskary, Gerald Bloch, Yousuf Al-Mehairi, Imelda G. Johnson

Chapter 6: Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of the Burgan and Mauddud Formations (Lower Cretaceous), Kuwait
Christian J. Strohmenger, John C. Mitchell, Howard R. Feldman, Patrick J. Lehmannm Robert W. Broomhall, Penny E. Patterson, Ghaida Al-Sahlan, Timothy M. Demko, Robert W. Wellner, G. Glen McCrimmon, Neama Al-Ajmi

Chapter 7: The Sequence Stratigraphy of the Maastrichtian (Upper Cretaceous) Reservoir at Wafra Field, Partitioned Neutral Zone, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait: Key to Reservoir Modeling and Assessment
Dennis W. Dull, Raymond A. Garber, W. Scott Meddaugh

Chapter 8: Stratigraphic Organization and Predictability of Mixed Coarse- and Fine-grained Lithofacies Successions in a Lower Miocene Deep-water Slope-channel System, Angola Block 15
M.L. Porter, A.R.G. Sprague, M.D. Sullivan, D.C. Jennette, R.T. Beaubouef, T.R. Garfield, C. Rossen, D.K. Sickafoose, G.N. JEnsen, S.J. Friedmann, D.C. Mohrig

Chapter 9: Multiscale Geologic and Petrophysical Modeling of the Giant Hugoton Gas Field (Permian), Kansas and Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Martin K. Dubois, Alan P. Byrnes, Geoffrey C. Bohling, John H. Doveton

Chapter 10: Key Role of Outcrops and Cores in Carbonate Reservoir Characterization and Modeling, Lower Permian Fullerton Field, Permian Basin, United States
Stephen C. Ruppel, Rebecca H. Jones

Chapter 11: Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of the Jurassic Deep Panuke Field, Offshore Nova Scotia, Canada
John A.W. Weissenberger, Richard A. Wierzbicki, Nancy J. Harland

Chapter 12: Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy, and Reservoir Architecture of the Eocene Mirador Formation, Cupiagua Field, Llanos Foothills, Colombia
Juan Carlos Ramon, Andres Fajardo