Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M94: Thrust Fault-Related Folding

Edited by K. McClay, J. H. Shaw, and J. Suppe

Chapter 4: Multiple Detachment Folding in Pusht-e Kuh Arc, Zagros: Role of Mechanical Stratigraphy
J. Verges, M. G. H. Goodarzi, H. Emami, R. Karpuz, J. Efstathiou, P. Gillespie

Chapter 5: Trishear: A Review of Kinematics, Mechanics, and Applications
Stuart Hardy, Richard W. Allmendinger

Chapter 6: Layer-parallel Shortening Templates Associated with Double-edge Fault-propagation Folding
S. Tavani, F. Storti

Chapter 7: Folding Mechanisms in a Fault-propagation Fold Inferred from the Analysis of Unconformity Angles: The Sant Llorenc Growth Structure (Pyrenees, Spain)
J. L. Alonso, F. Colombo, O. Riba

Chapter 8: Two Contrasting Kinematic Styles of Active Folding Above Thrust Ramps, Western Taiwan
Li-Fan Yue, John Suppe, Jih-Hao Hung

Chapter 9: Active Folding and Blind Thrust Faulting Induced by Basin Inversion Processes, Inner California Borderlands
Carlos Rivero, John H. Shaw

Chapter 10: Cenozoic Structure and Tectonic Evolution of the Kuqa Fold Belt, Southern Tianshan, China
Xin Wang, John Suppe Shuwei Guan, Aurelia Hubert-Ferrari, Ramon Gonzalez-Mieres Chengzao Jia

Chapter 11: Kinematics of a Hybrid Thick-thin-skinned Fold and Thrust Belt Recorded in Neogene Syntectonic Wedge-top Basins, Southern Central Andes Between 35° and 36°S, Malargue, Argentina
Pablo Kraemer, Jose Silvestro, Federico Achilli, Walter Brinkworth

Chapter 12: Basement-involved Contractional Wedge Structural Styles: Examples from the Hanna Basin, Wyoming
Van S. Mount, Kevin W. Martindale, Thomas W. Griffith, John O. D. Byrd

Chapter 13: Three-dimensional Geometry and Forward Numerical Modeling of the Sant Corneli Anticline (Southern Pyrenees, Spain)
J. Mencos, J. A. Munoz, S. Hardy

Chapter 14: Two-dimensional Analog Modeling of Fold and Thrust Belts: Dynamic Interactions with Syncontractional Sedimentation and Erosion
Jonathan E. Wu, Ken R. McClay

Chapter 15: Fault-related Folding in the Deep Waters of the Equatorial Margin of Brazil
Pedro Victor Zalan

Chapter 16: The Growth History of Toe Thrusts of the Niger Delta and the Role of Pore Pressure
Scot W. Krueger, Neil T. Grant