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M95: Lacustrine Sandstone Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon Systems

Edited by Olive W. (Terry) Baganz, Yuval Bartov, Kevin M. Bohacs, and Dag Nummedal

Frontmatter (PDF)

Introduction: Lacustrine Sandstone Reservoirs and Hydrocarbon Systems
Olive W. (Terry) Baganz, Yuval Bartov, Kevin Bohacs, and Dag Nummedal

Chapter 1: Relation of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Potential to Lake-Basin Type: An Integrated Approach to Unraveling Complex Genetic Relations Among Fluvial, Lake-Plain, Lake Margin, and Lake Center Strata
Kevin M. Bohacs

Chapter 2: Productive Series Play of the Paleo-Volga Delta, South Caspian Basin: Exploration History, Sedimentation, and Petroleum System
Olive W. (Terry) Baganz, Elchin Bagirov, Gerald Eric Michael, and Al Shultz

Chapter 3: Regional Controls on Lacustrine Sandstone Reservoirs: The Pliocene of the South Caspian Basin
Nazim R. Abdullayev, Gregory W. Riley, and Andrew P. Bowman

Chapter 4: Late Miocene and Early Pliocene High-Frequency Lake Level Cycles in Lacustrine Hydrocarbon Reservoir Strata, South Caspian Basin: Insights for Subseismic-scale Lithofacies Variations
Dag Nummedal, H. Edward Clifton, and Eileen Williams

Chapter 5: Seismic Interpretation of a Reservoir System Near the Northern Boundary of the South Caspian Basin
Firuz A. Salamov

Chapter 6: Balakhany IX and X Integrated Studies Shallow-Water Gunashli Field, Caspian Sea
Kevin Sylvester, Dave Waldren, Bakhtiyar Bagirov, and Elshad Alaskarov

Chapter 7: Facies Analysis, Reservoir Characterization, and LIDAR Modeling of an Eocene Lacustrine Delta, Green River Formation, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah
Jessica Moore, Andrew Taylor, Cari Johnson, Bradley D. Ritts, and Rosalind Archer

Chapter 8: Reservoir Simulation Models of an Eocene Lacustrine Delta, Green River Formation, Southwest Uinta Basin, Utah
Rosalind Archer, Enis Robbana, Bradley D. Ritts, Jessica Moore, Cari Johnson, and Andrew Taylor

Chapter 9: Stratigraphic Distribution and Mineralogic Correlation of the Green River Formation, Green River and Washakie Basins, Wyoming, U.S.A.
Glenn M. Mason

Chapter 10: Biostratigraphy in a Late Neogene Caspian-Type Lacustrine Basin: Lake Pannon, Hungary
Imre Magyar and Dana H. Geary

Chapter 11: Climatic Controls on Depositional Setting and Alluvial Architecture, Doba Basin, Chad
Penny E. Patterson, Raymond L. Skelly, and Clive R. Jones

Chapter 12: Structure and Stratigraphy of the Lake Albert Rift, East Africa: Observations from Seismic Reflection and Gravity Data
Tobias Karp, Christopher A. Scholz, and Michael M. McGlue

Chapter 13: Fluviolacustrine Sandstone Deposition and Implications for Reservoir Development, Daan Field, Songliao Basin, China
John S. Sneider, Andrew S. Harper, Forrest L. Dietrich, Zongtian Liu, Xiuzhi Cao, and Chunguo Wang

Chapter 14: Sequence Stratigraphy Applied to Continental Rift Basins: Example from Recôncavo Basin, Brazil
Andre Picarelli and Vitor Abreu

Chapter 15: Lacustrine Environments in Carboniferous–Permian Saar-Nahe Basin, Southwest Germany
Andreas Schäfer

Chapter 16: Sedimentary Processes and Sequence Stratigraphy of Lake Michigan, United States
Gordon S. Fraser, Todd A. Thompson, and Joseph C. Atkinson

Chapter 17: Modeling the Sensitivity to Environmental Controls of the Late Pleistocene Lacustrine Delta Sequences in the Dead Sea Basin
Yuval Bartov, Mordechai Stein, Yehouda Enzel, Christopher Kendell, and Philip Moore

Chapter 18: Actualistic Studies of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Terrestrial and Aquatic Organism Traces in Continental Environments to Differentiate Lacustrine from Fluvial, Eolian, and Marine Deposits in the Geologic Record
Stephen T. Hasiotis, Brian F. Platt, Mark Reilly, Kathryn Amos, Simon Lang, David Kennedy, Jonathan A. Todd, and Ellinor Michel

Appendix 1: Field Trip, Kirmaky Valley, Azerbaijan
Dag Nummedal, Greg Riley, Andrew Bowman, Steve Lowe, Akif Narimanov

Appendix 2: Listing of Presentations From the Hedberg Conference