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SG12: Energy Resources of the Pacific Region

Edited by Michel T. Halbouty

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Petroleum Geology of Reforma Area, Southeast Mexico, and Exploratory Effort in Baja California, Northwest Mexico
Eduardo J. Guzman, Alfredo E. Guzman

Integrated Geologic and Remote-Sensing Mineral Exploration in Baja California
Allan M. Thompson, Ralph N. Baker

Geothermal Development in El Salvador
Gustavo Cuellar

Development and Reservoir Analysis of Momotombo Geothermal Project, Nicaragua
R. H. Adams, H. Dykstra, O. Salinas

Geology and Temperature Distribution of Momotombo Geothermal Field, Nicaragua
James L. Moore, Erik Osbun, Paul V. Storm

Distribution of Trace Elements in Igneous Rocks of Peruvian Andes--Metallogenic Implications
Etienne J. M. Audebaud, Jean Amosse

Sedimentary Basins of Chilean Pacific Offshore
Carlos Mordojovich

Metallogenesis on Oceanic Plates--East Pacific Rise and Bauer Basin
Gary M. McMurtry

Geothermal Energy in Hawaii--Present and Future
John W. Shupe, Paul C. Yuen

High-Resolution Seismic Exploration for Coal in Australia
David W. King

Legal Aspects of Resource Development in Antarctica
Michael Crommelin

Geology and Exploration History of Offshore Central Sarawak
H. Doust

Tertiary Carbonate Reservoirs in Indonesia
G. A. S. Nayoan, Arpandi, M. Siregar

Selecting Coal Exploration Targets in the West Pacific
P. G. Strauss, C. M. Atkinson

Natural Gas Deposits of Gulf of Thailand
Charan Achalabhuti

Offshore Tin Deposits of Thailand and Related Mining Problems
P. Aranyakanon, K. Yongsakul

Evaporite Deposits of Northeast Thailand
T. Japakasetr, D. R. Workman

Petroleum Potential in the Far East
Jon D. Champeny

Petroleum in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1979
A. A. Meyerhoff, J.-O. Willums

Exploration and Development of Geothermal Resources in Taiwan
Ke-Kong Hwang, Weng-Tse Cheng

Contrast in Hydrocarbon Potential Between Fore-Arc and Back-Arc Basins of Tohoku Island Arc, Japan
Tadashi Asakawa, Shunji Sato, Yasufumi Ishiwada

Australia as a Natural Gas Exporter
Robert J. Foster

Northwest Shelf Gas--Its Role in Western Australia's Energy Economy
J. B. Kirkwood

Petroleum Prospectivity of Australian Marginal Plateaus
J. B. Willcox

Production Geology of North Rankin Gas Field
E. J. Harris

Seismic and Geologic Facies Analysis in Field Development, Mackerel Field, Gippsland Basin, Australia
A. J. Mebberson, D. J. Morton

Australian Exploration Geophysics--Current Performance and Future Prospects
K. G. McCracken, G. Buselli

Australia's Uranium Export Potential
D. V. Mosher

Hydrology of Uranium Deposits in Calcretes of Western Australia
A. J. Gaskin, C. R. M. Butt, R. L. Deutscher, R. C. Horwitz, A. W. Mann

New Zealand Geothermal Exploration and Exploitation Developments
David Kear, J. T. Lumb, F. E. Studt

Defining Boundaries and Structures of Broadlands Geothermal Field, New Zealand, by Geophysical Methods--Case History
G. F. Risk

Australian Coals as Feedstocks for Liquid Fuels
G. H. Taylor, H. K. Worner

Structure and Variability of Bering and Okhotsk Sea-Ice Cover by Satellite Microwave Imagery
W. J. Campbell, R. O. Ramseier, H. J. Zwally, P. Gloersen

Petroleum Geology of Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska--An Exploration Model
Leslie B. Magoon, George E. Claypool

Oil and Gas Exploration Offshore Central and Northern California
Burdette A. Ogle

Oil and Gas Exploration, Offshore Southern California
William S. Wallis

Canadian Geothermal Research Program
J. G. Souther

Future Potential for Development of Geothermal Energy in Contiguous United States
James O. Salveson

Tectonic Framework and Metallogeny in California
John P. Albers

Availability and Quality of Water Related to Western Energy
Hugh H. Hudson

Uranium Resources in the American West (1977)--Worldwide Implications
Robert A. Brooks

What Law Shall Govern Deep-Sea Mining
Northcutt Ely

Geomorphic Basis for National-International Boundaries on Ocean Floor
Hollis D. Hedberg

A Fundamental Structural Pattern in Disposition of Mineral and Energy Resources
E. S. T. O'Driscoll

Slope-Stability Problems of Circum-Pacific Region as Related to Mineral and Energy Resources
David J. Varnes

Mineral Deposits and Plate Tectonics
George P. Woollard

Subsurface Geotechnical Hazards in Petroleum and Geothermal Development
Robert C. Erickson

Phosphogenic Provinces of Circum-Pacific Region
Richard P. Sheldon

Utilization of Magma Energy--Project Summary
J. L. Colp, H. M. Stoller

Fuels from Magma--Potential Energy Resource?
T. M. Gerlach

Geothermal Resources of Circum-Pacific Region
Donald E. White