Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

SG18: Petroleum Geochemistry and Source Rock Potential of Carbonate Rocks

Edited by James G. Palacas

Introduction to AAPG Studies in Geology #18, Petroleum Geochemistry and Source Rock Potential of Carbonate Rocks

Distribution and Origin of Hydrocarbons in Carbonate Rocks (Precambrian to Triassic) in China
Fu Jia Mo, Liu De Han, Jia Rong Fen, Dai Yong Ding

Hydrocarbon Genesis and Organic Facies in Cambrian Carbonates of the Eastern Officer Basin, South Australia
David M. McKirdy, Agu J. Kantsler, John K. Emmett, Alan K. Aldridge

Oils and Source Rocks of Niagaran Reefs (Silurian) in the Michigan Basin
W. C. Gardner, E. E. Bray

Some Aspects of the Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of a Middle Devonian Barrier-Reef Complex, Western Canada
T. G. Powell

Carbonate Source Rocks in the Jurassic Smackover Trend of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida
John H. Oehler

South Florida Basin--A Prime Example of Carbonate Source Rocks of Petroleum
James G. Palacas, Donald E. Anders, J. David King

Generation and Migration of Hydrocarbons in Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk, South-Central Texas
George J. Grabowski Jr.

The Cretaceous Austin Chalk of South Texas--A Petroleum Source Rock
John M. Hunt, Ann P. McNichol

Source Rocks of the La Luna Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in the Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia
John E. Zumberge

Occurrence of Indigenous Biogenic Gas in Organic-Rich, Immature Chalks of Late Cretaceous Age, Eastern Denver Basin
Dudley D. Rice

Environment of Deposition of Middle Miocene (Alcanar) Carbonate Source Beds, Casablanca Field, Tarragona Basin, Offshore Spain
Gerard Demaison, F. T. Bourgeois

Comparison of Carbonate and Shale Source Rocks
R. W. Jones

Use of Thiophenic Organosulfur Compounds in Characterizing Crude Oils Derived from Carbonate Versus Siliciclastic Sources
William B. Hughes

Compaction of Modern Carbonate Sediments: Implications for Generation and Expulsion of Hydrocarbons
Eugene A. Shinn, Daniel M. Robbin, George E. Claypool

Carbonate Sedimentary Rocks and the Origin of Heavy Crude Oils: Abstract
Irving A. Breger

Recurrent Appearance of Source-Rock Facies in Cretaceous to Eocene Carbonate Series of Tunisia: Abstract
B. Tissot, R. Pelet, B. B. Furollet, J. L. Oudin

Geochemistry of Crude Oils and Crude-Oil-Source-Rock Correlations in Four Carbonate Basins: Abstract
Jacques Connan, Georges Hussler, Pierre Albrecht

Carbonate Source Rocks for Six Million Barrels of Oil per Day--Zagros Fold Belt, Southwestern Iran: Abstract
R. Burwood