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SG28: Oil Field Development Techniques: Proceedings of the Daqing International Meeting, 1982

Edited by John F. Mason and Parke A. Dickey

Title Page


Overview of Development Geology: Chapter 1
Parke A. Dickey

Development of Oil Fields by Water Injection in China: Chapter 2
Tan Wenbin, Wang Naiju, Jiang Lan

Delineation of the Reservoir by Seismic Methods: Chapter 3
Roberto Sarmiento

Delineation of the Reservoir by Identification of Environmental Types and Early Estimation of Reserves: Chapter 4
K. J. Weber

Ways to Improve Development Efficiency of Daqing Oil Field by Water Flooding: Chapter 5
Wang Zhiwu, Wang Qiming, Li Bohu, Lan Chengjing, Luo Xiangzhong

Exploitation of Multizones by Water Flooding in the Daqing Oil Field: Chapter 6
Jin Yusun, Yang Wanli, Wang Zhiwu,

Water Flooding, Coring, Testing, and Logging: Chapter 7
C. Arnold Brown

Problems in Secondary-Recovery Water Flooding: Chapter 8
C. Arnold Brown

Application of Pressure Measurements to Development Geology: Chapter 9
Parke A. Dickey

Enhanced Oil Recovery: Chapter 10
W. G. Fisher

Reservoir Simulation: Chapter 11
W. G. Fisher

Carbonate Deposits and Oil Accumulations: Chapter 12
G. D. Hobson

Development of Renqiu Fractured Carbonate Oil Pools by Water Injection: Chapter 13
Yu Zhuangjing, Li Gongzhi

Production From Carbonate Reservoirs: Chapter 14
G. D. Hobson

Classification of Sandstone Pore Structure and Its Effect on Water-Flooding Efficiency: Chapter 15
Shen Pingping, Li Bingzhi, Tue Puhua

Pore Texture of a Sandstone Reservoir with Low Permeability: Chapter 16
Zhu Yiwu

Problems Related to Clay Minerals in Reservoir Sandstones: Chapter 17
Edward D. Pittman