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SG30: Deposition of Organic Facies

Edited by A. Y. Huc

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Understanding Organic Facies: A Key to Improved Quantitative Petroleum Evaluation of Sedimentary Basins: Chapter 1
A. Y. Huc

A Paleoceanographic Approach to the Kimmeridge Clay Formation: Chapter 2
Richard G. Miller

Dysoxic Sedimentation in the Cenomanian-Turonian Daliyya Formation, Israel: Chapter 3
S. Lipson-Benitah, A. Flexer, A. Rosenfeld, A. Honigstein, B. Conway, H. Eris

Organic-Carbon-Rich Sediments and Paleoenvironment: Results from Baffin Bay (ODP-Leg 105) and the Upwelling Area off Northwest Africa (ODP-Leg 108): Chapter 4
Ruediger Stein, Ralf Littke

Wireline Source-Rock Evaluation in the Paris Basin: Chapter 5
Susan L. Herron, Louis Le Tendre

Distribution of Organic Matter during the Toarcian in the Mediterranean Tethys and Middle East: Chapter 6
Francois Baudin, Jean-Paul Herbin, Jean-Paul Bassoullet, Jean Dercourt, Georges Lachkar, Helene Manivit, Maurice Renard

Upper Triassic (Rhaetic) Argillaceous Sequences in Northern Italy: Depositional Dynamics and Source Potential: Chapter 7
Marco Stefani, Mark Burchell

Global and Regional Controls on Potential Source-Rock Deposition and Preservation: The Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event (CTOAE) on the European Tethyan Margin (Southeastern France): Chapter 8
Jean-Pierre Crumiere, Christine Crumiere-Airaud, Jean Espitalie, Pierre Cotillon

Organic Matter and Evaporites in the Paleogene West European Rift: The Bresse and Valence Salt Basins (France): Chapter 9
Alain Curial, Robert Moretto, Diastrata Sarl, Daniel Dumas, Groupe J Sarl, Gilles Dromart

Distribution of Cenomanian-Turonian Organic Facies in the Western Mediterranean and Along the Adjacent Atlantic Margin: Chapter 10
Wolfgang Kuhnt, Jean Paul Herbin, Jurgen Thurow, Jost Wiedmann

Trends in Organic Geochemistry and Petroleum Exploration in Italy: Chapter 11
B. Tissot, L. Mattavelli, E. Brosse

Geochemical Alteration of Organic Matter in Eutrophic Lake Greifen: Implications for the Determination of Organic Facies and the Origin of Lacustrine Source Rocks: Chapter 12
D. Hollander, F. Behar, M. Vandenbroucke, P. Bertrand, J. A. McKenzie

Climate Model Prediction of Paleoproductivity and Potential Source-Rock Distribution: Chapter 13
Eddy Kruijs, Eric Barron

Facies Evolution of Late Cretaceous Black Shales from Southeast Egypt: Chapter 14
H. Herwig Ganz, Peter Luger, Eckart Schrank, Paul W. Brooks, Martin G. Fowler