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SG35: Mississippian Oolites and Modern Analogs

Edited by Brian D. Keith and Charles W. Zuppann

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Mississippian Oolites and Petroleum Reservoirs in the United States--An Overview: Chapter 1
Brian D. Keith, Charles W. Zuppann

Possible Flexural Controls on the Origins of Extensive, Ooid-Rich, Carbonate Environments in the Mississippian of the United States: Chapter 2
Frank R. Ettensohn

An Eolian Facies in the Ste. Genevieve Limestone of Southern Indiana: Chapter 3
Ralph E. Hunter

Petrologic Method for Distinguishing Eolian and Marine Grainstones, Ste. Genevieve Limestone (Mississippian) of Indiana: Chapter 4
J. Robert Dodd, Charles W. Zuppann, Clayton D. Harris, Karl W. Leonard, Thomas W. Brown

Recognition on Wireline Logs and Mapping of Oolitic Facies in a Carbonate Sequence, Ste. Genevieve Limestone, Illinois Basin: Chapter 5
William F. Bandy Jr.

Complex Oolite Reservoirs in the Ste. Genevieve Limestone (Mississippian) at Folsomville Field, Warrick County, Indiana: Chapter 6
Charles W. Zuppann

Paleogeography and Cementation in a Mississippian Oolite Shoal Complex: Ste. Genevieve Formation, Willow Hill Field, Southern Illinois Basin: Chapter 7
Ronald D. Manley, P. W. Choquette, M. B. Rosa

Benthic Assemblages as Indicators of Sediment Stability: Evidence from Grainstones of the Harrodsburg and Salem Limestones (Mississippian, Indiana): Chapter 8
Howard R. Feldman, Mark A. Brown, Allen W. Archer

Depositional Aspects of Golconda Group (Chesterian) Oolite Bodies, Southwestern Illinois Basin: Chapter 9
Clayton D. Harris, G. H. Fraunfelter

The Drowning of Ooid Shoals: Mississippian Greenbrier Limestone Near the West Virginia Dome: Chapter 10
Cindy Carney

Tidal Origin of a Mississippian Oolite on the West Virginia Dome: Chapter 11
Richard Smosna, Bryan Koehler

Oolitic Tidal-Bar Reservoirs in the Mississippian Greenbrier Group of West Virginia: Chapter 12
Gregory T. Kelleher, Richard Smosna

Ooid Mineralogy and Diagenesis of the Pitkin Formation, North-Central Arkansas: Chapter 13
Ezat Heydari, Ronald D. Snelling, William C. Dawson, Maria L. Machain

Oolite Shoals of the Mississippian St. Louis Formation, Gray County, Kansas: A Guide for Oil and Gas Exploration: Chapter 14
Kerry D. Parham, Peter G. Sutterlin

Comparison of Oolitic Sand Bodies Generated by Tidal vs. Wind-Wave Agitation: Chapter 15
Harold R. Wanless, Lenore P. Tedesco

A Quaternary Analog for Interpretation of Mississippian Oolites: Chapter 16
Mark R. Boardman, Cindy Carney, Paul M. Bergstrand

Eolian Structures and Textures in Oolitic-Skeletal Calcarenites from the Quaternary of San Salvador Island, Bahamas: A New Perspective on Eolian Limestones: Chapter 17
Mario V. Caputo