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SG37: Source Rocks in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework

Edited by Barry J. Katz and Lisa M. Pratt

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Introduction: Chapter 1
Barry J. Katz, Lisa M. Pratt

Implications of Stratigraphic Variability of Source Rocks: Chapter 2
B. J. Katz, T. M. Breaux, E. L. Colling , L. M. Darnell, L. W. Elrod, T. Jorjorian, R. A. Royle,V. D. Robison, H. M. Szymczyk, J. L. Trostle, J. P. Wicks

Geochemical and Micropaleontological Characterization of Lacustrine and Marine Hypersaline Environments from Brazilian Sedimentary Basins: Chapter 3
Marcio R. Mello, Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos, Eugenio V. Santos Neto, Augusto C. Silva Telles Jr.

The Sequence Stratigraphy of Transgressive Black Shales: Chapter 4
Paul B. Wignall, James R. Maynard

Sedimentology of Organic Matter in Upper Tithonian-Berriasian Deep-Sea Carbonates of Southeast France: Evidence of Eustatic Control: Chapter 5
D. Steffen, G. E. Gorin

Variation of the Distribution of Organic Matter Within a Transgressive System Tract: Kimmeridge Clay (Jurassic), England: Chapter 6
Jean Paul Herbin, Carla Muller, Jeannine R. Geyssant, Frederic Melieres, Ian E. Penn, Yorkim Group

Characterization of the Source Horizons Within the Late Cretaceous Transgressive Sequence of Egypt: Chapter 7
Vaughn D. Robison, Michael H. Engel

Types and Thermal Maturity of Organic Matter Accumulated During Early Cretaceous Subsidence of the Exmouth Plateau, Northwest Australian Margin: Chapter 8
Philip A. Meyers, Lloyd R. Snowdon

Sea Level Changes, Anoxic Conditions, Organic Matter Enrichment, and Petroleum Source Rock Potential of the Cretaceous Sequences of the Cauvery Basin, India: Chapter 9
Kuldeep Chandra, D. S. N. Raju, P. K. Mishra

Petroleum Source Rock Potential of Mesozoic Condensed Section Deposits of Southwest Alabama: Chapter 10
Ernest A. Mancini, Berry H. Tew, Robert M. Mink

Internal Stratigraphy and Organic Facies of the Devonian--Mississippian Chattanooga (Woodford) Shale in Oklahoma and Kansas: Chapter 11
Michael W. Lambert

Source Quality Variations Tied to Sequence Development in the Monterey and Associated Formations, Southwestern California: Chapter 12
Kevin M. Bohacs

Paleoceanographic Interpretation of Variations in the Sulfur Isotopic Compositions and Mn/Fe Ratios in the Miocene Monterey Formation, Santa Maria Basin, California: Chapter 13
Doreen A. Zaback, Lisa M. Pratt

Sequence Stratigraphic Significance of Organic Matter Variations: Example from the Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Chapter 14
Mark A. Pasley, Greg W. Riley, Dag Nummedal