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SG38: Hydrocarbons from Coal

Edited by Ben E. Law and Dudley D. Rice

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Global Coal Occurrence: Chapter 1
E. R. Landis, J. N. Weaver

Coal-Bed and Related Depositional Environments in Methane Gas-Producing Sequences: Chapter 2
Romeo M. Flores

Coalification: The Evolution of Coal as Source Rock and Reservoir Rock for Oil and Gas: Chapter 3
Jeffrey R. Levine

Composition of Coal: Chapter 4
Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, Patrick G. Hatcher

Natural Fractures in Coal: Chapter 5
Jay C. Close

Petroleum Source Rock Potential of Coal and Associated Sediments: Qualitative and Quantitative Aspects: Chapter 6
Christopher J. Boreham, Tremor G. Powell

Composition and Origins of Coalbed Gas: Chapter 7
Dudley D. Rice

Composition of Crude Oils Generated from Coals and Coaly Organic Matter in Shales: Chapter 8
J. L. Clayton

Gas Sorption on Coal and Measurement of Gas Content: Chapter 9
Dan Yee, John P. Seidle, William B. Hanson

Migration of Oil and Gas in Coals: Chapter 10
R. Littke, D. Leythaeuser

Methane Control for Underground Coal Mines: Chapter 11
William P. Diamond

Drilling Techniques for Coalbed Methane: Chapter 12
Terry L. Logan

Coalbed Methane Applications of Wireline Logs: Chapter 13
Patrick L. Scholes, Dave Johnston

Coalbed Methane Well Completions and Stimulations: Chapter 14
Ian D. Palmer, Steve W. Lambert, Jeff L. Spitler

Coalbed Methane Production: Chapter 15
Richard A. Schraufnagel

Reservoir Engineering Aspects of Coalbed Methane: Chapter 16
J. E. McElhiney , G. W. Paul, G. B. C. Young, J. A. McCartney

Economic and Parametric Analysis Coalbed Methane: Chapter 17
Vello A. Kuuskraa, Charles M. Boyer II