Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

SG46: Lake Basins Through Space and Time

Edited by
E. H. Gierlowski-Kordesch and K. R. Kelts


Section I Selected Topics

Chapter 1
Lake-Basin Type, Source Potential, and Hydrocarbon Character: An Integrated Sequence-Stratigraphic-Geochemical Framework

K. Bohacs, A. Carroll, J. E. Nede, and P. J. Mankirowicz

Chapter 2
Lake Development During the Evolution of Mongolia
C. Sladen and J.J, Traynor

Chapter 3
Cenozoic Lacustrine Deposits of the Ili Basin, Southeastern Kazakhstan

S.G. Lucas, B.Zh. Aubekerov, A.K. Dzhamangameva,
B.U. Bayshashov, and L.A. Tyutkova

Section II Carboniferous to Permian

Chapter 4
Temporary Desert Lakes in the Lower Permian (Rotliegendes) of  Southern Scotland, U.K.

M.E. Brookfield

Chapter 5
Late Permian Playa Lake Deposits of the Southern Permian Basin

R. Gaupp, R. Gast, and C. Forster

Chapter 6
The Gai-As Lake System, Northern Namibia and Brazil

H. Stollhofen, I.G. Stanistreet, R. Rohn, F. Holzfšrster, and A. Wanke

Section III Permian-Triassic to Jurassic

Chapter 7
Lacustrine Deposits of Upper Permian Pingdiquan Formation in the Kelameili Area of the Junggar Basin, Xinjiang, China

Zhao Xiafei and Tang Zhonghua

Chapter 8
Permian Lacustrine Deposits of Northwest China

M. A. Wartes, A.R. Carroll, T.J. Greene, Chang Kerning, and Hu Ting

Chapter 9
Triassic Lacustrine Sedimentation from the Tanzhuang Formation, Jiyuan-Yima Basin, Southeastern China

M.G. M‡ngano, L.A. Buatois, Wu Xiantao, Sun Junmin, and Zhang Guocheng

Chapter 10
Sedimentology and Paleogeography of the Middle Jurassic Qiketai Formation, Turpan-Hami Basin, Northwest China

T.J. Greene, A.R. Carroll, M.S. Hendrix, Cheng Kerning, and Zeng Xiao Ming

Chapter 11
The Todilto Salina Basin, Middle Jurassic of the U.S. Southwest

S.G. Lucas and O.J. Anderson

Chapter 12
Triassic-Jurassic Lacustrine Deposition in the Fundy Basin, Eastern Canada

L.A. Tanner

Chapter 13
Early Jurassic Rift Valley—Related Alkaline Lake Deposits Interbedded with Karoo Flood Basalts, Southern Namibia

H. Stollhofen, I.G. Stanistreet, and S. GerschŸtz

Chapter 14
Lacustrine Carbonates of the Morrison Formation
(Upper Jurassic, Western Interior), East-Central Colorado, USA

S. P. Dunagan

Chapter 15
Jurassic Lake Deposits from the Anyao Formation,
Jiyan-Yima Basin, Central China

L.A. Buatois, M.G. Mángano, Wu Xiatao, and Zhang Guocheng

Section IV Early to Middle Cretaceous

Chapter 16
Late Jurassic to Mid-Cretaceous Lacustrine Sequences in the
Araripe-Potiguar Depression of Northeastern Brazil

J.M. Mabesoone, M.S.S. Vianna, and V.H. Neumann

Chapter 17
Syn-Rift Lacustrine Deep-Water Deposits: Examples from the Berriasian Sandy Strata of the Reconcavo Basin, Northeastern Brazil

H.T.F. da Silva, J.M. Caixeta, L.P. Magnavita, and C.P. Sanches

Chapter 18
Rift Lake Stratigraphy of the Lagoa Feia Formation, Campos Basin, Brazil

H.D. Rangel and M. Carminatti

Chapter 19
Bioclastic Carbonate Lacustrine Facies Models in the Campos Basin (Lower Cretaceous), Brazil

M.D. de Carvalho, U.M. Praça, A.C. da Silva-Telles, Jr., R.J. Jahnert, and J.L. Dias

Chapter 20
The Early Cretaceous of the Iberian Basin (Northeastern Spain)

A.R. Soria, A. Meléndez, C.L. Liesa, M. Aurell, N.Meléndez, and J.C. Gómez-Fernández

Chapter 21
Continental Deposits of the Eastern Cameros Basin (Northern Spain) During the Tithonian-Berrasian Time

N. Meléndez and J.C. Gómez-Fernández

Chapter 22
A Coastal Lacustrine System in the Lower Barremian from the Oliete Subbasin, Central Iberian Range, Northeastern Spain

A. Meléndez, A.R. Soria, and M. Meléndez

Chapter 23
Early Cretaceous Lacustrine Systems of the Aguilon Subbasin Central Iberian Range, Northeastern Spain

N. Meléndez, A.R. Soria, A. Meléndez, M. Aurell, and C.L. Liesa

Chapter 24
Lacustrine Evolution in a Basin Controlled by Extensional Faults: The Galve Subbasin, Teruel, Spain

C.L Liesa, A.R. Soria, and N.M. Meléndez

Chapter 25
The Lacustrine Fossiliferous Deposits of the Las Hoyas Subbasin (Lower Cretaceous, Serran’a de Cuenca, Iberian Ranges, Spain)

M.A Fregenal Martínez and N. Meléndez

Section V Late Cretaceous to Paleocene

Chapter 26
Upper Cretaceous and Early Paleocene Lacustrine Episodes in the Provence Basin, South France

I. Cojan

Chapter 27
Lacustrine Facies in the Upper Cretaceous Balbuena Subgroup (Salta Group): Andina Basin, Argentina

R.M. Palma

Chapter 28
Late Cretaceous—Early Tertiary Continental and Lacustrine Basins of Hong Kong and Southeast China

R.B. Owen

Chapter 29
Upper Cretaceous—Cenozoic Lacustrine Deposits of the Zaysan Basin, Eastern Kazakhstan

S.G. Lucas, R.J. Entry, V. Chkhikvadse, B. Bayshashov,
L.A. Tyutkova, PA. Tleuberdina, and A. Zhangam

Section VI Eocene

Chapter 30
Late Bartonian (Eocene) Lacustrine Limestones of the Touraine Basin, France

L. Rasplus and F. Ménillet

Chapter 31
Lacustrine Limestone and Tufas in the Chadron Formation,
(Late Eocene) Badlands of South Dakota, U.S.A.

J.E. Evans and L.C. Welzenbach

Chapter 32
Lacustrine Facies in an Eocene Wrench-Fault Step-Over Basin, Cascade Range, Washington, U.S.A.

J.E. Evans

Chapter 33
The Upper Eocene Bembridge Limestone Formation, Hampshire Basin, England

B. Daley, N. Edwards, and I. Armenteros

Section VII Oligocene-Miocene

Chapter 34
Lacustrine Oligocene Basins in Southern Provence, France

D. Nury

Chapter 35
The Calcaire du Berry, Paris Basin, France

F. Menillet and L. Rasplus

Chapter 36
Neogene Lacustrine Deposits of the North-Central Ebro Basin, Northeastern Spain

C. Arenas and G. Pardo

Chapter 37
Sedimentology and Evolution of a Paleogene?Neogene Shallow Carbonate Lacustrine System, Ebro Basin, Northeastern Spain

A. Luzon and A. Gonzalez

Chapter 38
The Oligocene-Miocene Calcaires de Beauce (Beauce Limestones), Paris Basin, France

F. Ménillet and N. Edwards

Chapter 39
Upper Eocene and Lacustrine Deposits of the Southeastern United States with Emphasis on the Creede and Florissart Formation

D. Larsen

Section VIII Miocene-Pliocene

Chapter 40
The Middle Miocene Son Verdera Lacustrine-Palustrine System (Santa Margalida Basin, Mallorca)

E. Ramos, I. Berrio, J.J. Fornós, and L. Moragues

Chapter 41
Alluvial and Lacustrine Facies of Yeniçubuk Formation
(Lower-Middle Miocene), Upper Kizilirmak Basin, Türkiye

I. Türkmen and I. E. Kerey

Chapter 42
Miocene and Pliocene Diatomaceous Lacustrine Sediments of the Tugen Hills, Baringo District, Central Kenya Rift

R.B. Owen and R.W. Renaut

Chapter 43
The Shanwang Basin (Miocene) in Shandong Province, Eastern China

Hong Yang

Chapter 44
Miocene-Pliocene Lacustrine and Marginal Lacustrine Sequences of the Furnace Creek Formation, Furnace Creek, and Central Death Valley Basins, Death Valley Region, U.S.A.

L.H. Tanner

Chapter 45
Northern Teruel Graben (Neogene), Northeastern Spain

A.M. Alonso-Zarza, J.P. Calvo, J. van Dam, and L. Alcalá

Chapter 46
Neogene Lacustrine Systems of the Southern Teruel Graben (Spain)

P. Anadón, F. Ortí, and L. Rosell

Chapter 47
Pliocene Lacustrine Deposits of the Tiberino Basin (Umbria, Central Italy)

G. Basilici

Section IX Quaternary

Chapter 48
Pleistocene Carbonate Lacustrine Deposits: Sulmona Basin (Central Apennines, Italy)

G.P. Cavinato and E. Miccadei

Chapter 49
Two Lacustrine Episodes During the Late Pliocene-Holocene Evolution of the
Rieti Basin (Central Apennines, Italy)

G.P. Cavinato, E. Gliozzi, and I. Mazzini

Chapter 50
Floodplain Lake Deposits on an Early Pleistocene Alluvial Plain (Tiberino Basin, Central Italy)

G. Basilici

Chapter 51
A Lower-Middle Pleistocene Lacustrine System in Late Evolutionary Stages of the Sant' Arcangelo Basin (Southern Italy)

L. Sabato

Chapter 52
Spatial and Temporal Facies Variations in the Pleistocene Olorgesailie Formation, Southern Kenya Rift Valley

R.B. Owen and R.W. Renaut

Chapter 53
Lake Baringo, Kenya Rift Valley, and its Pleistocene Precursors

R. W. Renaut, J.-J. Tiercelin, and R.B. Owen

Chapter 54
The Laguna de Bab’cora Basin: A Late Quaternary Paleolake in Northwestern Mexico

J. Ortega-Ramírez and J. Urrutia-Facugauchi

Chapter 55
Quaternary Lacustrine Ostracoda from Northern Patagonia: A Review

R.C. Whatley and G.C. Cusminsky

Chapter 56
Late Pliocene and Pleistocene Searles Lake, California, U.S.A.

G.I. Smith

Chapter 57
Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Hydrochemistry of
Bristol Dry Lake, California, U.S.A.

M.R. Rosen

Chapter 58
Limnogeology of Lake Balaton (Hungary)

T. Cserny and E. Nagy-Bodor

Chapter 59
Sediment Records from Qilu Hu and Xingyun Hu, Yunnan Province, China: Late Pleistocene to Present

M. Brenner, T.J. Whitmore, Song Xueliang, and Long Ruihua

Chapter 60
Late Quaternary Deposition in the Chilean Altiplano(18º-28ºS)

B.L. Valero-Garcés, M. Grosjean, B. Messerli, A. Schwalb, and K. Kelts