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SG5: Reefs and Evaporites--Concepts and Depositional Models

Edited by James H. Fisher

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Depositional Environments of Pinnacle Reefs, Niagara and Salina Groups, Northern Shelf, Michigan Basin
John M. Huh, Louis I. Briggs, Dan Gill

Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of Basin-Center Evaporites, Lower Salina Group (Upper Silurian), Michigan Basin
Roy D. Nurmi, Gerald M. Friedman

Depositional Environment of Ruff Formation (Upper Silurian) in Southeastern Michigan
Ron Budros, Louis I. Briggs

Evaporite Cycles and Lithofacies in Lucas Formation, Detroit River Group, Devonian, Midland, Michigan
R. David Matthews

Synchronization of Deposition: Silurian Reef-Bearing Rocks on Wabash Platform with Cyclic Evaporites of Michigan Basin
John B. Droste, Robert H. Shaver

Seismic Data-Processing Techniques in Exploration for Reefs, Northern Michigan
P. L. McClintock

Relationships Between Depositional Environments, Tonoloway Limestone, and Distribution of Evaporites in the Salina Formation, West Virginia
R. A. Smosna, D. G. Patchen, S. M. Warshauer, W. J. Perry Jr.

Carbonate-Anhydrite Facies Relationships, Otto Fiord Formation (Mississippian-Pennsylvanian), Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Graham R. Davies

An Evaporitic Lithofacies Continuum: Latest Miocene (Messinian) Deposits of Salemi Basin (Sicily) and a Modern Analog
B. Charlotte Schreiber, Raimondo Catalano, Edward Schreiber

Base-Metal Concentration in a Density-Stratified Evaporite Pan
P. Sonnenfeld, P. P. Hudec, A. Turek, J. A. Boon

Reefs and Evaporites: A Summary
L. L. Sloss