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SG55: Oil and Gas of the Greater Caspian area

Edited by
P. O. Yilmaz and G. H. Isaken

Front Matter

Chapter 1
Petroleum Exploration in a World without Walls: The Function of Science and Technology

Arthur R. Green

Chapter 2
The World of Technology: Emerging Technology and Implications for the Greater Caspian Region

Ganesh Thakur

Chapter 3
Assessment of the Greater Caspian Region Petroleum Reserves and Their Role in World Energy

Andrei V. Belopolsky, Manik Talwani

Chapter 4
Hydrocarbon Habitat in the Caucasus Petroleum Province

Mike D. Simmons

Chapter 5
Regional Tectonics and Evolution of the Greater Caspian Region

A. M. Celal Sengor, Boris A. Natalin

Chapter 6
Tectonic Evolution Models for the Black Sea

Aral. I. Okay, Naci Görür

Chapter 7
Geodynamic Evolution of the South Caspian Basin

Jan Golonka

Chapter 8
Gravity Modeling and Its Implications to the Tectonics of the South Caspian Basin

James W. Granath, K. A. Soofi, O. W. Baganz, E. Bagirov

Chapter 9
Deep Seismic Exploration of the South Caspian Basin: Lithosphere-Scale Imaging of the World's Deepest Basin

James H. Knapp, Camelia C. D. Knapp, John A. Connor, John H. McBride, Mike D. Simmons

Chapter 10
Regional Evaluation of Source Rock Quality in Azerbaijan from the Geochemistry of Organic-rich Rocks in Mud-volcano Ejecta

Gary H. Isaksen, Adil Aliyev, Scott A. Barboza, David Puls, Ibrahim Guliyev

Chapter 11
Miocene to Quaternary Sequence Stratigraphy of the South and Central Caspian Basins

Vitor Abreu, Dag Nummedal

Chapter 12
Architecture Variability in the Pereriva and Balakhany Suites of the Neogene Productive Series, Azerbaijan: Implications for Reservoir Quality

D. J. Hinds, M. D. Simmons, M. B. Allen, E. Aliyeva

Chapter 13
The Petroleum Geology of Western Turkmenistan: The Gograndag-Okarem Province

Max A. Torres

Chapter 14
Controls on Hydrogen Sulfide Formation in a Jurassic Carbonate Play, Turkmenistan

Gary H. Isaksen, Mukhammetnur Khalylov

Chapter 15
Precaspian and South Caspian Basins: Subsidence Evolution of Two Superdeep Basins

Marie-Françoise Brunet, Andrei V. Ershov, Yury A. Volozh, Maxim V. Korotaev, Mikhail P. Antipov, Jean-Paul Cadet

Chapter 16
Overview of the North Caspian Basin

G. F. Ulmishek

Chapter 17
Devonian and Carboniferous Carbonate Platform Facies in the Bolshoi Karatau, Southern Kazakhstan: Outcrop Analogs for Coeval Carbonate Oil and Gas Fields in the North Caspian Basin

H. E. Cook, V. G. Zhemchuzhnikov, W. G. Zempolich, P. J. Lehmann, D. V. Alexeiev, V. Ya. Zhaimina, A. YE. Zorin

Chapter 18
Geochemical Evidence for Two Stages of Hydrocarbon Emplacement and the Origin of Solid Bitumen in the Giant Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan

J. L. Warner, D. K. Baskin, R. J. Hwang, R. M. K. Carlson, M. E. Clark