Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

SG6: Contributions to the Geologic Time Scale

Edited by George V. Cohee, Martin F. Glaessner, and Hollis D. Hedberg

Front Matter

Dating and Correlation, A Review
D. J. McLaren

Geochronologic Scales
W. B. Harland

Stratotypes and an International Geochronologic Scale
Hollis D. Hedberg

W. A. Berggren, J. A. Van Couvering

The Magnetic Polarity Time Scale: Prospects and Possibilities in Magnetostratigraphy
M. W. McElhinny

Subcommission on Geochronology: Convention on the Use of Decay Constants in Geochronology and Cosmochronology
R. H. Steiger, E. Jager

Pre-Cenozoic Phanerozoic Time Scale--Computer File of Critical Dates and Consequences of New and In-Progress Decay-Constant Revisions
Richard Lee Armstrong

Applicability of the Rubidium-Strontium Method to Shales and Related Rocks
Umberto G. Cordani, Koji Kawashita, Antonio Thomaz Filho

Potassium-Argon Isotopic Dating Method and Its Application to Physical Time-Scale Studies
Ian McDougall

Results of Dating Cretaceous, Paleogene Sediments, Europe
G. S. Odin

Isotopic Ages and Stratigraphic Control of Mesozoic Igneous Rocks in Japan
Ken Shibata, Tatsuro Matsumoto, Takeru Yanagi, Reiko Hamamoto

Isotopic Methods in Quaternary Geology
Vladimir Sibrava

Status of the Boundary between Pliocene and Pleistocene
K. V. Nikiforova

A Radiometric Time Scale for the Neogene of the Paratethys Region
Dionyz Vass, Gevorg P. Bagdasarjan

On Dating of the Paleogene
M. Rubinstein, L. Gabunia

A New Paleogene Numerical Time Scale
J. Hardenbol, W. A. Berggren

Critical Review of Isotopic Dates in Relation to Paleogene Stratotypes
Charles Pomerol

Isotopic Dates for a Paleogene Time Scale
G. S. Odin

Cretaceous Time Scale from North America
Marvin A. Lanphere, David L. Jones

A Cretaceous Time Scale
J. E. Van Hinte

A Jurassic Time Scale
J. E. Van Hinte

Chronostratigraphy for the World Permian
J. B. Waterhouse

Report on Isotopic Dating of Rocks in the Carboniferous System
A. Bouroz

The Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary
Mackenzie Gordon Jr., B. L. Mamet

Willi Ziegler

The Silurian System
Nils Spjeldnaes

Ordovician Geochronology
Reuben J. Ross Jr., Charles W. Naeser, Richard S. Lambert

The Cambrian System
J. W. Cowie, S. J. Cribb

Numerical Correlation of Middle and Upper Precambrian Sediments
Michel G. Bonhomme

Aspects of the Revised South African Stratigraphic Classification and a Proposal for the Chronostratigraphic Subdivision of the Precambrian
L. E. Kent, P. J. Hugo