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SG61: Sediment Transfer from Shelf to Deep Water—Revisiting the Delivery System

Edited by R.M. Slatt and C. Zavala

Frontmatter (PDF)

Chapter 1: Flood Deposits in Continental and Marine Environments: Character and Significance
Thierry Mulder and Emmanuel Chapron

Chapter 2: A Genetic Facies Tract for the Analysis of Sustained Hyperpycnal Flow Deposits
Carlos Zavala, Mariano Arcuri, Mariano Di Meglio, Helena Gamero Diaz, and Carmen Contreras

Chapter 3: Genetic Indices in Hyperpycnal Systems: A Case Study in the Late Oligocene–Early Miocene Merecure Formation, Maturin Subbasin, Venezuela
Carlos Zavala, Jose Marcano, Jair Carvajal, and Manuel Delgado

Chapter 4: Miocene Deep-marine Hyperpycnal Channel Levee Complexes, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina: Facies Associations and Architectural Elements
Juan José Ponce and Noelia B. Carmona

Chapter 5: Fluvial-derived Turbidites in the Los Molles Formation (Jurassic of the Neuquén Basin): Initiation, Transport, and Deposition
Paulo Sergio Gomes Paim, Ernesto Luiz Correa Lavina, Ubiratan Ferrucio Faccini, Ariane Santos da Silveira, Héctor Leanza, and Roberto Salvador Francisco d’Avila

Chapter 6: Gravelly and Sandy Facies of Rio Guache Formation, Venezuelan Andes: Evidence for Transformation of Gravity Flows in Deep-marine Water
Corina Campos, Oswaldo Guzmán, Andrés Pilloud, Redescal Uzcátegui, Ana Cabrera, and Manuel Toro

Chapter 7: The Importance of Sediment Supply and Sequence-stacking Pattern in Creating Hyperpycnal Flows
Sverre Henriksen, Anna Pontén, Nils Janbu, and Britta Paasch

Chapter 8: Ichnologic Signatures of Hyperpycnal Flow Deposits in Cretaceous River-dominated Deltas, Austral Basin, Southern Argentina
Luis Alberto Buatois, Luis Lucas Saccavino, and Carlos Zavala

Chapter 9: Ichnology and Sedimentology of Miocene Hyperpycnites of the Austral Foreland Basin(Tierra del Fuego, Argentina): Trace Fossil Distribution and Paleoecological Implications
Noelia B. Carmona and Juan José Ponce

Chapter 10: Evidence of Shelfal Hyperpycnal Deposition of Pliocene Sandstones in the Oilbird Field, Southeast Coast, Trinidad: Impact on Reservoir Distribution
Helena Gamero Diaz, Carmen Contreras, Neil Lewis, Robert Welsh, and Carlos Zavala