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Treatise Atlas: Structural Traps II: Traps Associated with Tectonic Faulting

Compiled by Norman H. Foster and Edward A. Beaumont

Front Matter

Amposta Oil Field
U. Seemann, V. F. Pumpin, N. Casson

Brent Oil Field
S. E. Livera

Cano Limon Field Llanos Basin, Colombia
C. N. McCollough

Magnus Field
M. Shepherd, C. J. Kearney, J. H. Milne

Mobeetie Field
Shirley P. Dutton

Ninian Field United Kingdom
J. Van Vessem, T. L. Gan, J. F. Brooke

Red Oak Field
David W. Houseknecht, T. A. Mac McGilvery

Renqiu Field
M. K. Horn

Sarir Field
C. J. Lewis