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Treatise Handbook 1: Source and Migration Processes and Evaluation Techniques

Edited by Robert K. Merrill


Title Page

Preface to the Handbook of Petroleum Geology
Norman H. Foster, Edward A. Beaumont

About the Editor

Preface to this Volume
Robert K. Merrill

Petroleum Source Rocks and Organic Facies: Chapter 1: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION
S. R. Jacobson

Primary Migration of Petroleum: Chapter 2: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION
V. V. Palciauskas

Migration from Source to Trap: Chapter 3: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION
William A. England, Alastair L. Mann, David M. Mann

Effect of Biodegradation and Water Washing on Crude Oil Composition: Chapter 4: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION
Susan E. Palmer

Modeling the Maturation and Migration of Petroleum: Chapter 5: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION
Alan K. Burnham, Jerry J. Sweeney

The Role of Petroleum Geochemistry in Basin Modeling of the Oseberg Area, North Sea: Chapter 6: PETROLEUM GENERATION AND MIGRATION
B. Dahl, A. Yukler

Geochemical Exploration Methods: Chapter 7: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
Don Anders

Geochemical Techniques in Relation to Organic Matter: Chapter 8: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
R. A. Noble

Stable Isotopes in Petroleum Exploration: Chapter 9: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
Zvi Sofer

Characterization of Organic Matter by Various Pyrolysis Techniques: Chapter 10: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
R. P. Philp, A. Galvez-Sinibaldi

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analysis: Chapter 11: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
Daniel M. Jarvie

Vitrinite Reflectance as a Tool To Assess Thermal Maturity: Chapter 12: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
J. T. Senftle, Charles R. Landis

In Situ Evaluation of Potential Source Rocks by Wireline Logs: Chapter 13: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
Susan L. Herron

Recent Advances in Near-Surface Organic Geochemical Prospecting for Oil and Gas: Chapter 14: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
G. Saenz, K. H. Pannell, N. E. Pingitore

Application and Theory of Soilgas Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration: Chapter 15: GEOCHEMICAL METHODS AND EXPLORATION
David M. Richers, L. E. Maxwell

Glossary of Terms Applicable to Petroleum Geochemistry
Frederick W. Vlierboom

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