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The Elements of the Oil-Well-Spacing Problem. A Summary of the Factors Influencing the Distance Apart at Which Oil Wells May Be Economically Spaced

Lester C. Uren

The Relation Between the Open-Flow Gauge and the Working Capacity of Gas Wells

E. A. Stephenson

Correlation of Organic Shales in the Southern End of the San Joaquin Valley, California

E. G. Gaylord, G. D. Hanna

Analyses of Wyoming Oil-Field Waters

Edward L. Estabrook

A Contribution to the Origin of the Green River Formation and Its Oil Shale

W. H. Bradley

The Saratoga Oil Field, Hardin County, Texas

John R. Suman

Goose Creek Oil Field, Harris County, Texas

H. E. Minor

An Eocene Fauna from the Moctezuma River, Mexico

Joseph A. Cushman

The Blue Ridge Salt Dome, Fort Bend County, Texas

D. S. Hager, E. Stiles

The Production of Oil in Indiana

John R. Reeves

The Structure of the Salt Domes of Northwest Europe as Revealed in Salt Mines

W. A. J. M. Van Waterschoot Van Der Gracht

The Files of the Oil Geologist

Otto Dreher

The Value of Relief Models and a Simple Method for Their Construction: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John R. Reeves

Beds of Volcanic Material as Key Horizons: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Clarence S. Ross

Volcanic Tuffs in Central Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Malvin G. Hoffman

Quartzite Pebbles at the Base of the Lance Formation in Montana: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

C. Max Bauer

Oil Well in Southern France: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Sidney Powers

Discovery of Potash Salts and Fossil Algae in Texas Salt Dome: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. DeGolyer

The Red Beds near the Base of the Cherokee Shales: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Russell S. Tarr

Granite Wells in the Northern Mid-Continent Region: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

F. C. Greene

Geology of the Stonewall Quadrangle, Oklahoma: DISCUSSION

Frank C. Greene