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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Comparison of Upper Cretaceous Deposits of Gulf Region and Western Interior Region

Lloyd W. Stephenson , John B. Reeside, Jr.

Stratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous Series in Mississippi and Alabama

Lloyd W. Stephenson , Watson H. Monroe

Geology of Bellevue Oil Field, Bossier Parish, Louisiana

A. F. Crider

Relation of Rough Creek Fault of Kentucky to Ouachita Deformation

William L. Russell

An Historical Document of Interest to Petroleum Geologists: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Wilber Stout

Summary of Regional Geology and Oil Development of the West Texas Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

Ed W. Owen

South-North Cross Section from Pecos County through Ector County, Texas, to Roosevelt County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. C. Fritz

South-North Cross Section from Pecos County through Winkler County, Texas, to Roosevelt County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

E. Hazen Woods

Geologic Section from Fisher County through Andrews County, Texas, to Eddy County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert I. Dickey

Early Paleozoic Formations in Texas: ABSTRACT

E. H. Sellards

Geology of North-Central and Central Texas: ABSTRACT

M. G. Cheney

Sand Hills Area, Western Crane County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Elliot H. Powers

Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Franklin Mountains of West Texas: ABSTRACT

L. A. Nelson

Correlation of the Pennsylvanian Rocks of New Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. E. Needham

The Upper Paleozoic Section of the Chinati Mountains, Presidio County, Texas: ABSTRACT

John W. Skinner

Aerial Photography for Geological Exploration: ABSTRACT

Louis V. Olson

The Guadalupe Mountains as They Look to the Aerial Geologist: ABSTRACT

Cary P. Butcher

Surface and Subsurface Formations, Eddy County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ronald K. DeFord, Geo. D. Riggs, Neil H. Wills

Salt, Potash, and Anhydrite in the Castile Formation of Southeast New Mexico: ABSTRACT

George A. Kroenlein

Relation of Permian Sedimentation to Tectonics in Guadalupe Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Phillip B. King

Theory of Reef Barriers: ABSTRACT

E. Russell Lloyd

Stratigraphy, Eastern Midland Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Lincoln R. Page, John Emery Adams

The Black Shale Basin of West Texas; A Preliminary Report: ABSTRACT

Taylor Cole

Stratigraphy of the Upper and Middle Permian of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Frank E. Lewis

Monument Field, Lea County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. D. Anderson, James R. Day

North Cowden Field, Ector County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Sam C. Giesey, Frank F. Fulk

Volcanics of the Buck Hill Quadrangle, Brewster County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Morris A. Elms

Progress of the Geologic Branch of the State Division of Mines: ABSTRACT

Olaf P. Jenkins

Correlations of Crude Oils: ABSTRACT

Donald C. Barton

Informal Symposium on Recent Petroleum Discoveries in California: ABSTRACT

Union Oil Company of California, Los Angeles: Core Analysis: ABSTRACT

Howard C. Pyle

Continental Oil Company: The Nature and Extent of Movement along the San Cayetano Fault, Ventura County, California: ABSTRACT

H. D. Hobson

Notes on the Santa Susana Thrust Fault, Los Angeles County, California: ABSTRACT

C. E. Leach, J. C. May

Stratigraphy of Northern Iran: ABSTRACT

Hubert G. Schenck

Structural Trends off the California Coast: ABSTRACT

Francis P. Shepard

Miocene-Pliocene Boundary: ABSTRACT

John H. Maxson

Geomorphic Provinces of California as Outlined on the New State Geologic Map: ABSTRACT

Olaf P. Jenkins

An Exposure of the Red Mountain Fault, Ventura County: ABSTRACT

Mason L. Hill, M. L. Natland

Phosphorite on the Sea Floor Off Southern California: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Dietz, K. O. Emery

Significance of Tertiary Mammalian Faunas in Holarctic Correlation: ABSTRACT

R. A. Stirton