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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Radioactivity of Sedimentary Rocks and Associated Petroleum

K. G. Bell , Clark Goodman , W. L. Whitehead

Paleogene of Barbados and Its Bearing on History and Structure of Antillean-Caribbean Region

Alfred Senn

Jurassic-Cretaceous (Giron) Beds in Colombia and Venezuela

Victor Oppenheim

Paleozoic Limestone of Turner Valley, Alberta, Canada

W. D. C. Mackenzie

Lower Ordovician Sandy Zones ("St. Peter") in Middle Tennessee

Kendall E. Born

New Zone in Cook Mountain Formation, The Crassatella Texalta Harris--Turritella Cortezi Bowles Zone

H. B. Stenzel

Coal in Eocene, Near Bakersfield, California: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Robert W. Clark

Probable Lower Mississippian Age of the Caballos Novaculite, New Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Charles Laurence Baker

Possibilities of Heavy-Mineral Correlation of Some Permian Sedimentary Rocks, New South Wales, by Dorothy Carroll: DISCUSSION

H. G. Raggatt , Irene Crespin

A Study of the Surface Stratigraphy of the Ellenburger Formation of Texas: ABSTRACT

Leo Hendricks

The Page Field in Schleicher County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Roscoe Simpson

Insoluble Residues in the Whitehorse and Salado of New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ronald K. DeFord

Section Encountered in the Krupp Wells, Hudspeth County, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. L. Cannon

Photographs of the Sacramento Mountains: ABSTRACT

Cary P. Butcher

Position of the San Andres Group, West Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Frank E. Lewis

Whitehorse-San Andres Contact on and adjacent to Central Basin Platform: ABSTRACT

R. T. Cox, N. B. Winter

Insoluble-Residue Study of the Holt "Pay," Ector County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Taylor Cole, C. M. Linehan

Producing Zones of Eddy County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John A. Barnett

Wasson Pool, Gaines and Yoakum Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

W. T. Schneider