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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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West Edmond Oil Field, Central Oklahoma

D. A. McGee , H. D. Jenkins

Hawkins Field, Wood County, Texas

E. A. Wendlandt , T. H. Shelby, Jr. , John S. Bell

Correlation of Permian of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico

John W. Skinner

Normal Fault Structures and Others

Bailey Willis

Spectrochemical Sample Logging of Limestones

L. L. Sloss , S. R. B. Cooke

Faulting in East Part of Grand Canyon of Arizona

C. E. Van Gundy

Relations Between Kinds of Well Data and Apparent Faulting: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

H. H. Suter

Atlantic Coastal Plain Floor and Continental Slope of North Carolina: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

W. F. Prouty

Grain Size in Carbonate Rock: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Ronald K. Deford

"Jacob Staff" and Measurements of Stratigraphic Sequences--A Correction: ERRATUM

J. A. Broggi

Progress Report on A.P.I. Research Project 43, "The Transformation of Organic Material into Petroleum": RESEARCH

G. M. Knebel

Historical Notes on the Geology of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Urban B. Hughes

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology of Black Warrior Basin, Mississippi and Alabama: ABSTRACT

F. F. Mellen

Surface Occurence of Cretaceous Beds in the Southeastern States: ABSTRACT

Watson H. Monroe

Subsurface Occurrence of Cretaceous Sediments of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

C. W. Alexander, R. M. Harris

Cenozoic Deposits of Mississippi and Adjacent Areas: ABSTRACT

Grover E. Murray, Jr.

Status of Micropaleontology in the Eastern Gulf Region: ABSTRACT

Henry V. Howe

General Geology and Occurrence of Oil in Florida: ABSTRACT

E. D. Pressler

New Geologic Map of Tertiary Formations of Georgia: ABSTRACT

F. Stearns MacNeil

The Formation of Evaporites under Marine Evaporation Conditions: ABSTRACT

Paul Weaver

Subsurface Correlations of East Texas, North Louisiana, South Arkansas, and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Roy T. Hazzard

Mesozoic Igneous Rocks of the Northern Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

C. L. Moody

Geology of West Tepetate Oil Field, Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Fred W. Bates, Jay B. Wharton

The Delhi, West Delhi and Big Creek Fields: ABSTRACT

A. M. Lloyd, R. B. Totten

Geology of the Gilbertown Field, Choctaw County, Alabama: ABSTRACT

A. M. Current

The Tinsley Field: ABSTRACT

F. R. Shroeder, J. B. Storey

The Cranfield Field, Adams and Franklin Counties, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

George Zebal

The Heidelberg Field, Jasper County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Tom McGlothlin