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Classification of Pennsylvanian Rocks in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Northern Oklahoma

Raymond C. Moore

Deep Drilling and Deeper Oil Possibilities in Illinois

L. E. Workman , Alfred H. Bell

Hitesville Consolidated Field, Union County, Kentucky

H. H. Bybee

Origin of Red-Banded Early Cenozoic Deposits in Rocky Mountain Region

F. B. Van Houten

Relative Role of Some Geological Tools in Oil Exploration

H. H. Suter

General Orientation: Review of Geology of Appalachian Area: ABSTRACT

R. E. Sherrill

Petrology and Paleogeology of Greenbrier Limestone: ABSTRACT

Gordon Rittenhouse

Hemlock Grove Oil Field: ABSTRACT

R. L. Alkire

Geology of McDonald and Adjacent Oil Fields, Allegheny and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

A. I. Ingham

Geology and Occurrence of Natural Gas in Oriskany in Faulted Anticlines with Particular Reference to Northern Pennsylvania and Southern New York Producing Area: ABSTRACT

F. H. Finn

Structural Accumulation of Natural Gas in Oriskany Sand of Tri-State Area: ABSTRACT

John T. Galey

Oriskany Sand in Ohio: ABSTRACT

J. R. Lockett

Kanawha-Jackson Oriskany Gas Field: ABSTRACT

A. H. McClain

Mayfield Pool, Cuyahoga County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Howard E. Rothrock

Philosophy of Research: ABSTRACT

E. R. Weidlein

Salina-Guelph Fields of Southwestern Ontario: ABSTRACT

W. A. Roliff

Geology and Occurrence of Oil in Medina Sand of Blue Rock-Salt Creek Pool, Ohio: ABSTRACT

James F. Swain

Rose Hill Oil Field, Lee County, Virginia: ABSTRACT

Byron N. Cooper

Regional Aspects of Cambrian and Ordovician Subsurface Stratigraphy in Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Louise Barton Freeman

Late Ordovician and Silurian Facies, Conditions of Deposition and Paleogeography in North-Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Frank M. Swartz

Results of Studies of Ordovician Rocks East of Allegheny Front in Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

C. E. Prouty

Subsurface Upper Devonian Sections in Southwestern Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

R. E. Bayles

Aerial Magnetic Survey of Appalachian Plateau in Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

H. R. Joesting, F. Keller, E. King

Evolution of Thought on Structure of Middle and Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

John Rodgers

Structures of Basement Rocks of Pennsylvania and Maryland and Their Effect on Overlying Structures: ABSTRACT

Ernst Cloos

Geological Factors Involved in Secondary Recovery: ABSTRACT

Maynard M. Stephens