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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Fernvale and Viola Limestones of South-Central Oklahoma

Sherman A. Wengerd

Geology and Exploration for Oil in Salinas Valley, California

J. E. Kilkenny

Active-Surface Catalysts in Formation of Petroleum

Benjamin T. Brooks

Possible Ancient Submarine Canyon in Southwestern Louisiana: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Max Bornhauser

Template for Spacing Structure Contours: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John C. Crowell

American Geological Institute: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Onlap and Strike-Overlap: DISCUSSION

H. R. Lovely

Tectonics of Republic of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Manuel Alvarez, Jr.

Short Discussion of Mexican Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

Antonio Garcia Rojas

Geology and Development of Poza Rica Field, State of Vera Cruz, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ing. G. P. Salas

New Petroleum Development by Pemex in Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Eduardo J. Guzman

The Activity of Paricutin Volcano: ABSTRACT

Ray E. Wilcox

Geology of Gulf Coastal Area and Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

J. Ben Carsey

Marine Exploration in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. T. Jones, Shirley T. Mason

Variations in History of Continental Shelves: ABSTRACT

Paul Weaver

Geology of Pacific Coast of Ecuador: ABSTRACT

Cecil Hagen

Geology of Santa Cruz Island: ABSTRACT

William Rand

Recent Developments in Salinas Valley: ABSTRACT

R. R. Thorup

San Ardo Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Harry A. Campbell

Salinas Valley Microfauna: ABSTRACT

R. Stanley Beck

West Area, Tejon Ranch Oil Field: ABSTRACT

L. C. Forrest

Geology of Hungry Valley Area, South of Gorman: ABSTRACT

John Crowell

Russell Ranch Oil Field, Cuyama Valley: ABSTRACT

Mason L. Hill

Airborne Magnetometer Profile across Cuyama Valley: ABSTRACT

Wayne Hoylman

Oceanic Sand: ABSTRACT

J. H. McMasters

West Mountain Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Leo H. Moir, Jr.

Major Elements of Utah Geology and Current Exploration Program: ABSTRACT

J. Stewart Williams

Possibilities of New Stratigraphic Trap Areas in Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Henry Carter Rea

Recent Developments in Canada: ABSTRACT

L. M. Clark

History of Continental Shelf of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Paul Weaver

Jasmine Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Casey, Fred Sperber

Guijarral Hills Discovery: ABSTRACT

J. Q. Anderson

Miocene-Pliocene Boundary in Los Angeles Basin from Viewpoint of Microstratigrapher: ABSTRACT

Stanley G. Wissler, F. D. Crawford