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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Sedimentary Facies in Gulf Coast

S. W. Lowman

Commercial Oil in Cambrian Beds, Lost Soldier Field, Carbon and Sweetwater Counties, Wyoming

E. W. Krampert

Zones of Pierre Formation of Colorado

Mary O. Griffitts

Connell Sandstone, Oil Creek Formation, Simpson Group, West Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

R. H. Schweers

Exploration for Oil in Japan: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Lloyd W. Stephenson

Sampling and Examination of Well Cuttings: DISCUSSION

Marcus I. Goldman

Pioneers in Geology: DISCUSSION

Wallace E. Pratt

Geology of West Slope of Temblor Range, Between Bitterwater Creek and San Diego Creek: ABSTRACT

Otto Hackel, Roy W. Turner

San Ardo, A Stratigraphic Analysis: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Baldwin

Geology of Russell Ranch and South Cuyama Oil Fields, Cuyama Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Rollin Eckis

Geology and Problems of Exploring for Oil in Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Col. O. F. Kotick

Offshore Seismic Problems Affecting Geologic Evaluation: ABSTRACT

Curtis H. Johnson, Robert B. Galeski

Floor of Los Angeles Basin: ABSTRACT

J. E. Schoellhamer, A. O. Woodford

Legal Aspect of Tideland Controversy: ABSTRACT

William W. Clary

Theory of Transgressive and Regressive Reef (Bioherm) Development and Origin of Oil Within Them: ABSTRACT

Theo. A. Link

Western Canada Sedimentary Basin Area: ABSTRACT

Theo. A. Link

Geology of Placerita Canyon Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Robin Willis

Geology of North Sulphur Mountain Field, Ventura County: ABSTRACT

I. T. Schwade, Spencer Fine

Vaqueros Formation West of Santa Barbara, California: ABSTRACT

Eugene R. Orwig, Jr.

Geology of Northern Santa Rosa Island: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Anderson, Lowell Redwine, Paul McGovney

Ocean Floor Investigations Along Santa Barbara County Coast: ABSTRACT

Warren C. Thompson

Recent Development at Guijarral Hills: ABSTRACT

John S. Loofbourow, Jr.

Time of Oil and Gas Accumulation: ABSTRACT

A. I. Levorsen

Observations on Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

Chas. W. Merriam

Some Observations on Geological Structures in Eastern Nevada: ABSTRACT

Fred L. Humphrey

Geosynclinal Sedimentation in Central Gulf Region of United States: ABSTRACT

Grover E. Murray

Control of Petroleum Accumulation by Sedimentary Facies in South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Max Bornhauser

Structure of South Louisiana Deep-Seated Domes: ABSTRACT

W. E. Wallace

New Method of Local and Regional Correlation, Using Resistivity Value from Electrical Logs: ABSTRACT

A. Claudet

Interior Salt Domes of East Texas: ABSTRACT

G. C. Clark

Merigale-Paul Field, Wood County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Hastings Moore

Blackfoot Field, Anderson County, Texas: ABSTRACT

D. O. Branson

Petroleum Exploration in Eastern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

C. A. Renfroe

Surface and Subsurface Correlation of Wilcox Formation in West-Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

D. A. Robertson, C. M. Schwartz, A. H. Trowbridge

Cairo Field, Union County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

L. A. Goebels

Facies Changes in Gulf Cretaceous Beds in Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Tom McGlothlin

Brookhaven Field, Lincoln County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Robert Womack, Jr.

LaGrange Oil Field, Adams County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

M. W. Sherwin

Occurrence of the Genus Choffatella in Wells in South Florida and at Other Localities: ABSTRACT

Louise Jordan, Esther R. Applin

Drilling Difficulties in the North Florida-South Georgia Area: ABSTRACT

Donald J. Munroe

Stratigraphic, Structural, and Correlation Studies of Florida Tertiary: ABSTRACT

Robert O. Vernon

Preliminary Report on Buried Pre-Mesozoic Rocks in Florida and Adjacent States: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Applin

Geophysical Case History of Mississippi Salt-Dome Basin: ABSTRACT

L. L. Nettleton

Applied Radar in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Orville E. Haley

Offshore Geophysical Operations: ABSTRACT

The Part Helicopters are Playing in Geophysical Exploration: ABSTRACT

E. E. Gustafson

Oceanographic and Meteorological Aspects of Geophysical Prospecting: ABSTRACT

Alfred H. Glenn, Charles C. Bates