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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Early Devonian Gas in Northern West Virginia and Pre-Devonian Oil Prospects

Frank Reeves , Paul H. Price

Stratigraphy of Lower Mississippian Rocks in Southwestern Missouri

Charles Philip Kaiser

Geology of Eola Area, Garvin County, Oklahoma

Robert M. Swesnik , Thom. H. Green

Status of Dry Creek Shale of Central Montana

Christina Lochman

Ordovician Graptolites from South-Central Yukon: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Charles E. Decker

Historical Notes on Oil and Gas Developments in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

George S. Hume

Geology of the Banff Area: ABSTRACT

P. S. Warren

A Tectonic Map of Canada: ABSTRACT

D. R. Derry

Regional Structure of the Eastern Side of the Canadian Cordillera: ABSTRACT

A. J. Goodman

Evolution of the Foothills Belt of the Rocky Mountains in Canada: ABSTRACT

H. H. Beach

Folded Faults in the Rocky Mountain Foothills: ABSTRACT

J. C. Scott

Geology of the Turner Valley Oil and Gas Field: ABSTRACT

W. B. Gallup

The Devonian of the Rockies: ABSTRACT

F. G. Fox

Charles Darwin and the Coral Reefs of Western Canada: ABSTRACT

W. W. Waring

The Geological History of the Plains Area in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

J. B. Webb

Upper Devonian Stratigraphy of the Alberta Plains Area: ABSTRACT

I. M. Cook

Some Thoughts on 'Reef' Trends and Configuration: ABSTRACT

T. A. Link

Stratigraphic Significance of Devonian Coral Reefs in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

P. S. Warren, C. R. Stelck

Underground Hunting in the Silurian of Southwestern Ontario:

C. S. Evans

Sample Aeromagnetic Surveys: ABSTRACT

N. Steenland, J. H. Bridgeman

Operations Symposium: ABSTRACT

N. Steenland, J. H. Bridgeman

The Regional Gravity of Alberta: ABSTRACT

L. L. Nettleton

Major Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

K. C. Heald

The Gas Fields of Alberta: ABSTRACT

S. E. Slipper

Structural Interpretation of the Loci of Petroliferous Portions of the Devonian Reefs in the Edmonton Area: ABSTRACT

R. L. Rutherford

Northwest Territories and Normal Wells: ABSTRACT

F. A. McKinnon

The Middle Devonian in the Pine Point Area, N.W.T.: ABSTRACT

Neil Campbell

Regional Cross Section through the Reef Fields of Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

A. Nauss

The Athabaska Tar Sands: ABSTRACT

W. L. Falconer

Source of the Oil of the 'Tar Sands' of the Athabaska River, Alberta: ABSTRACT

T. A. Link

Progress and Development of the Leduc-Woodbend-Golden Spike Oil Fields, Alberta, since 1948: ABSTRACT

R. D. Sluzar

Redwater Oil Field, Alberta: ABSTRACT

W. P. Hancock, H. G. Gammell

Stettler Field, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

R. P. Lockwood, O. A. Erdman