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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin

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Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central New York Petroleum Probabilities

Bradford Willard , Robert E. Stevenson

Techniques in Photogeology

Louis Desjardins

Petrology of Fredonia Oolite in Southern Illinois

D. L. Graf , J. E. Lamar

Revision of Pierre Shale of Central South Dakota

Dwight R. Crandell

Coal as a Possible Petroleum Source Rock: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Bela Hubbard

Photogrammetry and Photo Interpretation in Geology Curricula: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Benjamin A. Tator

Ochoa is Permian: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Ben Donegan , Ronald K. Deford

Note 10--Should Additional Categories of Stratigraphic Units Be Recognized?: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Stratigraphic Classification: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

H. E. Wheeler , W. F. Scott , G. W. Bayne , G. Steele , J. W. Mason

Geology of Kamishak Bay Area, Cook Inlet, Alaska: ABSTRACT

John C. Hazzard, Joseph J. Bryan, Eugene Borax, Richard Shoemaker

Recent Development in Tejon Ranch Area: ABSTRACT

H. K. Armstrong, Joseph LeConte

Program of American Geological Institute: ABSTRACT

David M. Delo

Some Formations Exposed in the Cuyama Gorge, Branch Mountain Quadrangle, California: ABSTRACT

Thomas Clements

Calder Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Frank B. Carter

Report of Sub-Committee on the Cenozoic of the Geologic Names and Correlations Committee of the A.A.P.G.: ABSTRACT

Robert T. White

Montalvo Oil Field, Ventura County: ABSTRACT

Leo H. Moir, Jr.

Progress in Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

Paul Weaver

Opportunities for Petroleum Development in Arizona: ABSTRACT

Edwin D. Mckee

Oil Prospects of Northeastern Nevada and Northwestern Utah: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Dudley

San Miguelito Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Hugh McClellan, Richard B. Haines

Is Petroleum Geology Geared for War?: ABSTRACT

Frank A. Morgan

Developments in Cuyama Valley--1950: ABSTRACT

Arthur S. Huey

Foreword: ABSTRACT

Graham B. Moody

Washington: ABSTRACT

T. J. Etherington


H. J. Buddenhagen

Northern Coast Ranges, California: ABSTRACT

G. C. Gester

Sacramento Valley Region: ABSTRACT

H. D. Hobson

San Joaquin Valley: ABSTRACT

J. E. Kilkenny

Central Coast Ranges: ABSTRACT

J. E. Kilkenny

Santa Maria Region: ABSTRACT

B. C. Lupton

Offshore Southern California: ABSTRACT

K. O. Emery

Southern Coastal Region: ABSTRACT

Gordon B. Oakeshott

Southern Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Gordon B. Oakeshott

Imperial Valley: ABSTRACT

L. A. Tarbet

Eastern Mountain and Desert Region: ABSTRACT

W. H. Easton

Ventura Region: ABSTRACT

William W. Rand

Los Angeles Region: ABSTRACT

Everett C. Edwards