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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Variations in History of Continental Shelves

Paul Weaver

Geology of Gulf Coastal Area and Continental Shelf

J. Ben Carsey

Golden Trend of South-Central Oklahoma

Robert Malcolm Swesnik

Paleozoic Sedimentation in Montana Area

L. L. Sloss

Geological Dimension Chart: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Francis F. Campbell

Graphic Representation of Reservoir History: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

C. I. Alexander

Relation of Anadarko Basin Movements to Theory of Contracting Continents: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Wheeler

Regional Discussion of Pennsylvanian Reefs of Texas: ABSTRACT

Carl B. Richardson

Geologic Map of Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Dott

Geology of Lindsay Area, Garvin and McClain Counties, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

R. M. Swesnik

Stratigraphic Trap Possibilities in Southwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

C. A. Caswell

Stratigraphy and Oil Possibilities of the Marine Permian and Pennsylvanian in Northwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Gerald C. Maddox

Mapping the Missouri-Virgil Boundary in Northeast Oklahoma; A Progress Report: ABSTRACT

Malcolm C. Oakes

Stratigraphy and Structure of the Arbuckle Limestone in the Arbuckle Anticline: ABSTRACT

William E. Ham

Fusulinid Chart for Pennsylvanian Correlations in Mid-Continent Area: ABSTRACT

H. H. Kapner, R. V. Hollingsworth, Harold L. Williams

Geology of McAlester-Arkansas Valley Basin: ABSTRACT

T. A. Hendricks, B. A. Curvin, August Goldstein, Jr.

Correlation Board: ABSTRACT

B. Osborne Prescott

Oil Production from Pre-Cambrian Basement Rocks in Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Walters

Paleogeology of Panhandle of Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert Roth

Geology of Fort Worth Basin: ABSTRACT

J. B. Moorhead

Review of Geology of Western Anadarko Basin: Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles: ABSTRACT

Graydon L. Meholin

Eastern Colorado Oil and Gas Prospects: ABSTRACT

Harry W. Oborne

Results of Hydrafrac Treatments: ABSTRACT

W. D. Owsley

Geologic Responsibility in Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

B. W. Beebe

Resume of Development of Forest City Basin of Northeast Kansas: ABSTRACT

Ralph W. Ruwwe

Stratigraphic and Structural History of Sholem Alechem Oil Field, Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

H. R. Billingsley

Significance and Use of Lap-Out Maps in Prospecting for Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

Lon B. Turk

Eola, Oklahoma, Typical Arbuckle Mountain Structure: ABSTRACT

R. M. Swesnik

Geology of Elk City Field: ABSTRACT

R. J. Beams