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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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State of Seismic Prospecting

Andrew Gilmour

Highlights on 1949 Developments in Foreign Petroleum Fields: FOREWORD

Glen M. Ruby

Petroleum Developments in Central America and the Caribbean in 1949

Richard C. Harris

Petroleum Developments in South America and Trinidad in 1949

Merrill W. Haas

Petroleum Developments in Europe in 1949

F. E. Von Estorff

Petroleum Developments in Africa in 1949

Hollis D. Hedberg

Petroleum Developments in Middle East and Adjacent Countries in 1949

Richard C. Kerr

Petroleum Developments in Far East in 1949

George F. Barnwell

Mississippi Structures and Their Relation to Oil Accumulation

E. P. Thomas

Brookhaven Oil Field, Lincoln County, Mississippi

Robert Womack, Jr.

Recent Geological Developments in Western Anadarko Basin, Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles

Graydon L. Meholin

South Canyon Creek Dolomite Member, A Unit of Phosphoria Age in Maroon Formation Near Glenwood Springs, Colorado

N. Wood Bass , Stuart A. Northrop

Deformation of Fort Union Formation Near Lignite, North Dakota

R. C. Townsend

Imperial River Section, Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada

L. R. Laudon

Age of Lower Part of Stanley Shale: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Wilbert H. Hass

Discovery of Oil at Lacq Dome, Basses-Pyrenees, Southwestern France: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. G. Bonnard

Zone Concept in Stratigraphy: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

C. Teichert

Variations in History of Continental Shelves: DISCUSSION

Wallace E. Pratt (^dagger)

Variations in History of Continental Shelves: REPLY

Paul Weaver

Developments in Atlantic Coastal States between New Jersey and North Carolina in 1949: ERRATUM

Horace G. Richards