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Early Diagenesis of California Basin Sediments in Relation to Origin of Oil

K. O. Emery , S. C. Rittenberg

Significance of Temperature on Foraminifera from Deep Basins Off Southern California Coast

Robert W. Crouch

Reported Late Tertiary Thrusting in Northeastern Nevada

John C. Hazzard , William R. Moran

Chimire Field, Anzoategui, Venezuela

E. L. Moore , J. A. Shields

Primary Sources of Petroleum and Their Accumulation: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Nickola Prokopovich

Early Ideas on Origin of Bentonite: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Maxwell M. Knechtel

Lithological Symbols on Waxed-Back Cellophane--A Method for Expediting Geological Drafting: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Charles C. Bates , Douglas Kolb

Three-Dimensional Method for Solution of Oil-Field Structures: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. B. Currie

Review of Exploratory Drilling in the Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Verne E. Farmer, Jr.

Exploration in the Basin-and-Range Province: ABSTRACT

Erwin W. Clark

Regional Geologic Considerations and Clear Creek Area, Utah: ABSTRACT

Kenneth M. Wilson

1951 Western Utah Field Trip Review: ABSTRACT

Graham S. Campbell, L. Austin Weeks

Drilling Production Techniques in the Uinta Basin: ABSTRACT

E. N. Dunlap

Fault Patterns in Selected Rocky Mountain Fields: ABSTRACT

D. L. Blackstone

Salt-Generated Structures of the Colorado Plateau and Possible Analogies: ABSTRACT

Wm. Lee Stokes

Stratigraphic Considerations Governing Gravity Interpretations in Utah: ABSTRACT

Willis Fenwick

Oil and Gas Possibilities of the Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

James L. Tatum

Statistics on Exploration of the Four Corners Area, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Umbach

Paradox Formation: ABSTRACT

Joseph L. Borden

The Doswell Oil Field, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

O. J. Lilly

The Cow Springs Sandstone Formation of the Black Mesa Basin and Adjoining Areas: ABSTRACT

John W. Harshbarger

History of Exploration in Williston Basin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and Canada: ABSTRACT

John Paul Gries

Resume of Recent Drilling Activity in Williston Basin, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Canada: ABSTRACT

Herbert Hadley

Preliminary Report on Sedimentational History of North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Donald Towse

Stratigraphic Traps on the South Edge of the Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

John Paul Gries

Relationship of Oil Accumulation to Paleogeology and Structure in Manitoba, Eastern North and South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Willard Pye

Surficial Faults Along the Missouri River: ABSTRACT

E. H. Stevens

Developments in the Julesburg Basin During 1951: ABSTRACT

W. L. Hershelman

Geologic History of the Las Animas Arch, Colorado: ABSTRACT

B. F. Curtis, J. H. Goth

Structure and Oil Possibilities of the West Flank of the Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

W. Alan Stewart

Sulfur in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Ralph Espach

Manderson Phosphoria Discovery, Big Horn County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

L. E. Harris

Whistle Creek, Park County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

P. S. Kistler

Geology and Development of the Bonanza Pool, Big Horn County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

R. G. Berry, Jr.

Horne Bros. Unit Discovery, Medicine Bow Area, Carbon County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

E. C. Eaton

North Fork Oil Pool, Johnson County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

R. W. Mallory