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AAPG Bulletin

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Salt Structure of Jefferson Island Salt Dome, Iberia and Vermilion Parishes, Louisiana

Robert Balk

Paleozoic History of Southeastern Colorado

John C. Maher

Continental Framework and Petroleum Exploration in Western United States

William Wyman Mallory

Deposition of Evaporites

P. C. Scruton

Limitations of Reflection Seismograph

L. E. Nugent, Jr.

Gypsum-Oolite Dunes, Great Salt Lake Desert, Utah

Daniel J. Jones

Artificial Formation Fracturing in Southern Oklahoma and North-Central Texas

Warren L. Sallee , Fred E. Rugg

Coordination of Seismic and Geologic Data in Poza Rica-Golden Lane Area, Mexico

D. W. Rockwell , Antonio Garcia Rojas

Non-Reef Limestone Reservoirs: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John Emery Adams

Tohatchi Formation of Mesaverde Group, Western San Juan Basin, New Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John Eliot Allen

Fourth Annual Field Conference, Inter-Mountain Association of Petroleum Geologists: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Martin Van Couvering

Crater Mound--Meteor Crater: DISCUSSION

Eliot Blackwelder, Dorsey Hager

Comment on Geology: DISCUSSION

George M. Macleod

Structural Dissimilarity of Meteor Crater and Odessa Meteorite Crater: DISCUSSION

Clyde T. Hardy

Definition of Time Line Separating a Glacial and Interglacial Age in the Pleistocene: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

John C. Frye, A. Byron Leonard

Activities of the State Geological Survey of Kansas: ABSTRACT

John C. Frye

Paleozoic History of the Central Nebraska Basin and Its Relation to Anticipated Oil and Gas Exploration: ABSTRACT

E. C. Reed

Non-Reef Limestone Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

John Emery Adams

The Petroleum Geologist in the Atomic Age: ABSTRACT

D. A. McGee

Oil and Gas Production from Carbonate Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Frank B. Conselman

Environments of Deposition of Calcareous Sediments: ABSTRACT

W. H. Twenhofel

Carbonate Facies of Pennsylvanian Sediments, North Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Dan E. Feray, William A. Jenkins

The Novinger Pool: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Renfroe

Correlation of the Insoluble Residue Zones of the Upper Arbuckle of Missouri and Southern Kansas: ABSTRACT

Earl McCracken

Thickness Maps as Criteria for Regional Structural Movements: ABSTRACT

Wallace Lee

Report on the New West-East Cross Section Prepared by the Panhandle Geological Society: ABSTRACT

Graydon L. Meholin

The Use of Aerial Photographs for Geological Exploration and Detailed Mapping in Regions of Low Dip: ABSTRACT

Frank A. Melton

Occurrence of the Permian Salt--Western Kansas: ABSTRACT

D. F. Moore

Formation of Salt Cavities for Storage of LP-Gas Products: ABSTRACT

G. H. Lancaster

A Review of Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Effects on Exploration: ABSTRACT

George Roberts, Jr.

Artificial Formation Fracturing in Southern Oklahoma and North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Warren L. Sallee, Fred E. Rugg

Hydraulic Fracture Completions in the Hugoton Gas Field: ABSTRACT

Clifford W. Matthews

Artificial Fracturing of Cherokee Sands in the Gibson Pool, Cowley County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

B. K. Crumpley

Tectonics and Its Relation to Oil and Gas Production in the Four Corners Area of New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah: ABSTRACT

Paul Umbach

Pre-Triassic Stratigraphy of the Four Corners Region: ABSTRACT

Four Corners Geological Society

Western Margin of the Rocky Mountain Geosyncline in the Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Wm. Lee Stokes

Carboniferous and Permian Stratigraphy of the Oquirrh Basin, Northwestern Utah: ABSTRACT

J. Stewart Williams

Present Knowledge of Paleozoic Geologic History of the Denver Basin and Adjacent Parts of Western Nebraska and Northwestern Kansas: ABSTRACT

E. C. Reed

Paleozoic History of Southeastern Colorado and Adjacent Areas: ABSTRACT

John C. Maher

Traps and Reservoirs in the Phosphoria and Tensleep Formations of the Big Horn Basin: ABSTRACT

John R. Fanshawe

Periods of Folding and Faulting in Wyoming During Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Times: ABSTRACT

J. D. Love

The Ash Creek Oil Field, Sheridan County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

P. W. Reinhart

Search for Uranium in the Western States: ABSTRACT

V. E. McKelvey

Central Montana Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Fred S. Honkala, Kenneth P. McLaughlin

Ordovician of the Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Paul J. Lewis

Silurian Carbonates in the Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Miles T. Rader, Jr.

Devonian System of the Williston Basin Area: ABSTRACT

Andrew D. Baillie

Williston Basin--Mississippian Reservoir Characteristics--and Proved Reserves: ABSTRACT

H. Mack Cox

Case History of Pine Unit, Little Beaver, Richey and Southwest Richey: ABSTRACT

T. R. Barnes

The Glendive Area, Cedar Creek Anticline, Dawson County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Ken R. Parsons, Carl W. Klaenhammer

East Poplar Unit, Roosevelt County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Glenn M. Fedderson

Development in the Nesson Anticline Area, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Kingsley W. Roth

Case History, Pincher Creek Structure and Field: ABSTRACT

C. G. Strachan

Structure of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

R. A. Bishop

Stratigraphy of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

Rein de Wit

Jurassic System in the Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Donald Towse

Cretaceous Sediments of the Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

John Paul Gries