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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Structural Analysis of Delta Farms Field, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

A. L. Morgan

Subsurface Geology of South-Central Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

Robert P. McNeal

Oil Fields of Mercedes Region, Venezuela

Joseph M. Patterson , Joe G. Wilson

Late Pre-Cambrian and Early Paleozoic Geology of Western Uinta Mountains, Utah

Norman C. Williams

Estimating Low Dips on Air Photographs: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

William F. Tanner

Classification of Desmoinesian (Pennsylvanian) of Northern Mid-Continent: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Walter V. Searight, Wallace B. Howe, Raymond C. Moore, J. Mark Jewett, G. E. Condra, Malcolm C. Oakes, Carl C. Branson

Horizontal Distance Corrections and Plotting Errors in Stadia Surveying: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Richard L. Threet

Oil in California.: ABSTRACT

Graham B. Moody

Geology and Oil and Gas Possibilities of Western Washington.: ABSTRACT

W. L. Stanton

Omission and Repetition by Faulting.: ABSTRACT

Harold H. Sullwold, Jr.

Four Dimensional Study of Sedimentation in Sacramento Valley.: ABSTRACT

Paul P. Goudkoff

Geology of the Alferitz Anticline Area, Kern County, California.: ABSTRACT

Everett W. Pease

Review of Sespe Paleontology.: ABSTRACT

V. L. Vander Hoof

The Sespe Formation of the Santa Barbara Embayment.: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Paschall

Sheep Springs Area, Cymric Oil Field, Kern County, California.: ABSTRACT

Douglas Wilson

Geology of the Eel River Basin, Humboldt County, California.: ABSTRACT

Burdette A. Ogle

Status of Geological Mapping in California.: ABSTRACT

Olaf P. Jenkins

Oakridge Oil Field, Ventura County, California.: ABSTRACT

Edward A. Hall, Gerald H. Rickels

G.S.A.--Division of Mines Volume on the Geology of Southern California, Edition of 1954.: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Jahns

Groundwater Geochemistry in Southeastern San Joaquin Valley, California.: ABSTRACT

John Logan

Reconnaissance Geology of the California Coastal Area North of Eureka.: ABSTRACT

Salem J. Rice

Modern Methods of the Determination of Geologic Time.: ABSTRACT

Harrison S. Brown

Our Expanding Horizons.: ABSTRACT

Roy L. Lay

Microlog Continuous Dipmeter.: ABSTRACT

Pierre de Chambrier

Geophysical History of South Cuyama Oil Field, Santa Barbara County, California.: ABSTRACT

John W. Mathews

Case History of Wild Goose Gas Field, Butte County, California.: ABSTRACT

Wallace L. Matjasic

Classification of Spores and Pollen for Paleontologic Correlation.: ABSTRACT

W. L. Norem

Size Distribution of Gravels.: ABSTRACT

K. O. Emery

Eocene Foraminifera from the Woodside District, San Mateo County, California.: ABSTRACT

Joseph J. Graham

Recognition of Playa Sediments in the Geologic Column.: ABSTRACT

Richard Stone

Genesis of Pelagic Sediments.: ABSTRACT

Gustaf Arrhenius

Some Spectacular Effects of Wind Erosion near Palm Springs, California.: ABSTRACT

Thomas Clements, John F. Mann, Jr., Richard O. Stone, James L. Eymann

Some Guide Foraminifera of the Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary in Australia and California.: ABSTRACT

Stewart Edgell

California Lower Tertiary Foraminiferal Sequence.: ABSTRACT

V. Standish Mallory