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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Tectonic Relations of North and South America

A. J. Eardley

Fractured Reservoirs of Middle East

E. J. Daniel

Differential Entrapment of Oil and Gas: A Fundamental Principle

William Carruthers Gussow

Subsurface Interpretation of Intersecting Faults and Their Effects Upon Stratigraphic Horizons

George Dickinson

Revision of Devonian and Carboniferous Sections, Nopah Range, Inyo County, California

John C. Hazzard

Tectonic and Paleogeographic Inferences from Low-Dip Unconformities

William F. Tanner

Texas Basement Rocks: A Progress Report

Peter T. Flawn

Target Limestone, New Member of Springer Formation, Carter County, Oklahoma: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Allan P. Bennison

Rocky Mountain Jurassic Time Surface: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Lawrence Ogden

Isolith, Isopach, and Palinspastic Maps: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Marshall Kay

Major Craters Attributed to Meteoritic Impact: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Clyde T. Hardy

Permian Rocks in Lemhi Range, Idaho: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

D. L. Blackstone, Jr.

Arbitrary Cut-Off in Stratigraphy: DISCUSSION

Alfred G. Fischer , Harry E. Wheeler , V. Standish Mallory

Arbitrary Cut-Off in Stratigraphy: REPLY TO DISCUSSION

Harry E. Wheeler, V. Standish Mallory

Exploration Frontiers of the Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Max L. Krueger

Oil and Gas Development in Rocky Mountain Basins and Its Relation to Past and Future Growth of Rocky Mountain Section of American Association of Petroleum Geologists: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Umbach

Oil in 1954: ABSTRACT

R. O. Anderson

Oil and Gas Production Possibilities in New Mexico Part of Raton Basin: ABSTRACT

Hal. S. Cave

Geology of Rio Grande Depression in New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sanford P. Fagadau

Significant Exploratory Developments of 1953: ABSTRACT

Philip C. Ingalls

Exploration Frontiers in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

W. B. Gallup

Williston Basin Developments, 1951-1953: ABSTRACT

Ray L. Harrison, Jr.

Mississippian Oil Accumulations in Northern Montana: ABSTRACT

Jack W. Nordquist

Williston Basin Paleozoic Unconformities: ABSTRACT

W. S. McCabe

Exploration Frontiers in North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Charles Tallard

Williston Basin in South Dakota, an Oil Frontier: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Foster

Sweetgrass Arch, Geologic Frontier: ABSTRACT

Virgil R. Chamberlain

Cedar Creek Anticline, Eastern Montana: ABSTRACT

John W. Strickland

1953 Wyoming Highlights: ABSTRACT

H. E. Summerford

Structural Problems Pertaining to Petroleum Exploration in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. L. Blackstone, Jr.

Powder River Basin, A Frontier: ABSTRACT

W. E. West, Jr.

Exploration Frontiers in Southwestern Wyoming and Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

John F. Partridge, Jr.

South Glenrock, A Wyoming Stratigraphic Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Wm. H. Curry, Jr.

Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Four Corners Region, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

William Wyman Mallory

Exploration Frontiers in Mesozoic Sediments of Four Corners Region: ABSTRACT

Lealand M. Knapp

Arizona, A Frontier Area: ABSTRACT

Silas C. Brown

Hydrodynamic Analyses Applied to Oil Exploration and Prospect Evaluation: ABSTRACT

Gilman A. Hill

Geology of Disturbed Belt of Southeastern Idaho: ABSTRACT

Milton Zeni

Wasatch Plateau Review, Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Graham S. Campbell

Gas and Oil Operations in Uinta Basin of Utah: ABSTRACT

Dorsey Hager

Gas Prospects of Northeastern Utah and Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Warren L. Taylor

Oil and Gas Possibilities of North Park Basin, North-Central Colorado: ABSTRACT

R. M. Thompson

Little Beaver Field Area: ABSTRACT

W. C. MacQuown, Jr.

Stratigraphic Relations of Lyons Sandstone in Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

Bruce F. Curtis

Pre-Permian Section East of Front Range in Colorado: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Clair

Permian Facies in Eastern Nevada: ABSTRACT

Joseph Lintz, Jr.

Sevy Dolomite in East-Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

John C. Osmond