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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Porphyrin Research and Origin of Petroleum

H. N. Dunning , J. W. Moore

Vanadium, Nickel, and Porphyrins in Thermal Geochemistry of Petroleum

Gordon W. Hodgson , Bruce L. Baker

Environmental Studies of Carboniferous Sediments Part I: Geochemical Criteria for Differentiating Marine from Fresh-Water Shales

E. T. Degens, E. G. Williams, M. L. Keith

Effect of Overburden and Reservoir Pressure on Electric Logging Formation Factor

I. Fatt

Modern Evaporite Deposition in Peru

Robert C. Morris , Parke A. Dickey

Paleontology and Stratigraphy of Some Marine Pleistocene Deposits in Northwest Los Angeles Basin, California

Peter U. Rodda

Petrology of Beaver Lodge Madison Limestone Reservoir, North Dakota

Donald Towse

Ignacio Quartzite of Southwestern Colorado

F. H. T. Rhodes , James H. Fisher

Contact of Burro Canyon Formation with Dakota Sandstone, Slick Rock District, Colorado, and Correlation of Burro Canyon Formation

George C. Simmons

Mississippian Bioherms in Northeast Oklahoma

John W. Harbaugh

Basal Claiborne of Texas, Record of Appalachian Tectonism During Eocene

Thomas W. Todd , Robert L. Folk

Deep Drilling Through Cumberland Overthrust Block in Southwestern Virginia

David M. Young

Discussion of Report 5--Nature, Usage, and Nomenclature of Biostratigraphic Units: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Jurassic Stratigraphy in Elk Mountains, West-Central Colorado: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

R. L. Langenheim, Jr.

Snowy Range Formation (Upper Cambrian) of Montana: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Christina Lochman-Balk

Whence Came the Hydrocarbons?: DISCUSSION

Wallace E. Pratt