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Exploratory Drilling in 1957

B. W. Blanpied

1957 Gas and Oil Developments in New York

W. Lynn Kreidler

Developments in Pennsylvania in 1957

William S. Lytle

Oil and Gas Developments in Ohio in 1957

Robert L. Alkire , Bernard A. Floto , Allan W. Johnson

Oil and Gas Developments in West Virginia in 1957

R. C. Tucker

Oil and Gas Developments in Kentucky in 1957

Edmund Nosow , Edward O. Ray

Oil and Gas Developments in Tennessee in 1957

H. C. Milhous

Development in Illinois in 1957

Alfred H. Bell, Virginia Kline

Developments in Indiana in 1957

G. L. Carpenter

Developments in Michigan in 1957

R. E. Ives, G. D. Ells

Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1957

George Q. Williams

Developments in Oklahoma in 1957

M. C. Roberts

Developments in Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles in 1957

Russell M. Lilly

Developments in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico in 1957

S. L. Smith, R. O. McGinnis

Developments in North Texas in 1957

D. R. Cooley

Developments in West-Central Texas in 1957

R. P. Norris

Developments in South Texas in 1957

W. J. Hendy , W. D. Dobbins , J. H. Morren

Developments in East Texas in 1957

D. Allen Mabra, Jr. , Glenn D. Gardner

Developments in Upper Gulf Coast of Texas in 1957

Kirby L. Cockerham, Jr.

Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast in 1957

Leonard L. Limes

Developments in Arkansas and North Louisiana in 1957

Ernest H. Morrow , William L. Champion

Developments in Southeastern States in 1957

E. R. Hines, Jr. , G. T. Thomas

Developments in Atlantic Coastal States Between New Jersey and South Carolina in 1957

Horace G. Richards

Developments in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota in 1957

Steven H. Harris , Herbert D. Hadley

Developments in Wyoming and Idaho in 1957

A. L. Lyth, Jr. , P. R. May

Oil and Gas Developments in Utah and Nevada in 1957

Graham S. Campbell

Developments in Colorado and Western Nebraska in 1957

R. L. Pott , P. L. Gooldy , E. K. Droullard

Developments in Arizona and Western New Mexico in 1957

Harrell Budd

Developments in West Coast Area in 1957

H. L. Popenoe

Developments in Western Canada in 1957

W. A. Hiles , G. J. McMurtry

Developments in Eastern Canada in 1957

J. D. McAlary , B. V Sanford

Developments in Alaska in 1957

C. E. Kirschner