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Origin of Petroleum

W. G. Meinschein

Geology of Avery Island Salt Dome, Iberia Parish, Louisiana

Fred W. Bates , Robert R. Copeland, Jr. , Kenneth P. Dixon

Geologic Case History of Slocum Dome, Anderson County, Texas

John L. Read, Jr.

Continental Slope Off Southwest Florida

G. F. Jordan, H. B. Stewart, Jr.

Structure and Accumulation of Hydrocarbons in Southern Foothills, Alberta, Canada

F. G. Fox

Middle Devonian Sedimentation and Oil Possibilities, Central Saskatchewan, Canada

Ralph W. Edie

Pseudo Evidences of Oil and Gas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Ralph Arnold

Stratigraphy of Deep Creek Mountains, Utah: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Kenneth F. Bick

Fossiliferous Marine Redbeds in Minturn Formation (Des Moines) Near McCoy, Colorado: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Theodore R. Walker

Revision of Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Green River Formation of Wyoming: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

W. H. Bradley

Advantages of Large Constant "Rod Correction" in Stadia Surveying: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Richard L. Threet

Stratigraphy of Northwestern Part of Wind River Basin, Dubois Area, Wyoming: DISCUSSION

William R. Keefer

Distribution and Facies of Pennsylvanian Rocks of Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Raton Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Elmer H. Baltz, Jr.

Facies of Mesaverde Formation, East-Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John R. Barwin

Some Remaining Potentials of Northwest Colorado: ABSTRACT

B. C. Bond

New Approach to Dipmeter Computation: ABSTRACT

Theodor H. Braun, George Y. Wheatley

Brooks Ranch Oil Field, Natrona and Converse Counties, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Marvin A. Buskala

Desert Springs Gas Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John N. Dahm

Bellshill Lake--Thompson Lake Cretaceous Oil Fields, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Ralph W. Edie

Complex Entrapment at Sage Creek Field, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

N. C. Elmer

Paleozoic Stratigraphy of Black Mesa Basin, Northeastern Arizona and Surrounding Areas: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang E. Elston

Pennsylvanian Paleotectonics of Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Fetzner

Madison Group Stratigraphy and Nomenclature in Northern Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Andrew R. Fish, John C. Kinard

Geology of Devonian Beaverhill Lake Formation, Swan Hills Area, Alberta: ABSTRACT

George Fong

Oil Potential of Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Donald I. Foster

Stratigraphy and Conditions Governing Petroleum Occurrence in Lower Cretaceous Rocks, Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

John D. Haun, James A. Barlow, Jr., C. R. Hammond

Geometry of Oil and Gas Accumulations Associated with Edmonton Reef Chain, Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

E. L. Herbaly

Application of Nuclear Explosives in Exploitation of Underground Resources: ABSTRACT

Roland F. Herbst

Overthrust Faulting and Paleozoic Gas Prospects in Montana's Disturbed Belt: ABSTRACT

G. W. Hurley

Fractures in Sedimentary Rocks: ABSTRACT

Vincent C. Kelley

Horseshoe-Gallup Field--Preliminary Report: ABSTRACT

William V. Knight, Harrell Budd

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Symposium on Pennsylvanian Rocks of Colorado: ABSTRACT

William Wyman Mallory

Application of Resistivity Mapping to Upper Devonian Interreef Ireton Formation of Alberta: ABSTRACT

R. G. McCrossan

Oil and Gas Possibilities of Porcupine Dome, Rosebud County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Model, John J. Schulte

Examples of Hydrodynamics in Williston Basin at Poplar and North Tioga Fields: ABSTRACT

George H. Murry, Jr.

Core Examination: ABSTRACT

John Nesbitt

Structural Control Related to Stratigraphic Traps, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

V. E. Peterson

White Mesa Field, Environmental Trap, Paradox Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard

Stratigraphy of Amsden Formation in Wolf Springs-Delphia Area, Central Montana: ABSTRACT

R. D. Ramsey

Provost Gas Field, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

J. E. Renaud

New Windsor Oil Field, Dual Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

J. W. Rold

Basin-and-Range Structure Reflects Paleozoic Tectonics and Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Grant Steele

Stratigraphic Analysis of Winterburn and Wabamun Groups in Southern Alberta: ABSTRACT

P. G. Sutterlin

Facies Relationships in Mississippian of Williston Basin and Their Effects upon Fluid Migration: ABSTRACT

Clement B. Thames, Jr.

Mississippian of Four Corners Region: ABSTRACT

Dix R. Turnbow

Dakota Stratigraphy in San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

Willis W. Tyrrell, Jr.

Marine Redbeds in Central Colorado Basin: ABSTRACT

Theodore R. Walker

Pennsylvanian Paleogeology and Search for Oil in Lucero Basin, Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sherman A. Wengerd

Geologic Controls in Oil and Gas Exploration in Southwestern New Mexico and Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Zeller, Jr.