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Are We Running Out of Oil?

George S. Buchanan

There Is A Reason

Gordon Rittenhouse

Geology, A Geophysical Tool

E. V. McCollum

Petroleum Developments in Mexico in 1958

Eduardo J. Guzman

Petroleum Developments in South America and Caribbean Area in 1958

E. W. Clark

Petroleum Developments in Europe in 1958

Robert E. King

Petroleum Developments in Africa in 1958

Hollis D. Hedberg , John D. Moody , Louis C. Sass

Petroleum Developments in Middle East and Adjacent Countries in 1958

Henry Hotchkiss

Petroleum Developments in Far East in 1958

Godfrey F. Kaufmann

Geologic Cross Sections Sponsored by Geological Societies Affiliated or Cooperating with American Association of Petroleum Geologists During 1958: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

W. L. Adkison

Special Publications and Guidebooks Published in 1958 by Societies Affiliated or Cooperating with American Association of Petroleum Geologists: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

William N. Gilliland

Interpreting Diagenetic History of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

E. C. Dapples

Some Geochemical Factors in Cementation of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Raymond Siever

Problems and Progress in Studies of Diagenesis of Argillaceous Rocks: ABSTRACT

W. D. Keller

Diagenesis and Paragenesis in Limestones and Dolomites: ABSTRACT

W. A. Waldschmidt

Diagenesis of Reef Limestones: ABSTRACT

Alfred G. Fischer

Cost of Finding Oil: ABSTRACT

R. E. Megill

Techniques of Prediction with Applications to Petroleum Industry: ABSTRACT

M. King Hubbert

Conservation of Oil and Gas and Its Relation to Exploration: ABSTRACT

William J. Murray, Jr.

Impact of Atomic Energy: ABSTRACT

W. B. Heroy

Current Economic Outlook in Petroleum Industry: ABSTRACT

Eugene McElvaney

Geological Research Developments: ABSTRACT

Harold N. Fisk

Origin of Oil: ABSTRACT

A. L. Kidwell, Parke A. Dickey

Oil Migration: ABSTRACT

Gilman Hill

Prospecting for Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Busch

Educating Future Earth Scientists: ABSTRACT

R. R. Shrock

Early Prospecting in West Texas Permian Basin (1919-1925): ABSTRACT

Ben C. Belt

Recent Developments in Geophysics: ABSTRACT

J. P. Woods

Standards of Performance in Exploration: ABSTRACT

Fred J. Agnich, R. C. Dunlap, Jr.

Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Seismology: ABSTRACT

H. M. Thralls

Geophysics, Geology, and Economics in Deep Fields: ABSTRACT

Paul Weaver

Oil Accumulation Related to Geologic History of Muenster Arch and Associated Basins in North Texas: ABSTRACT

H. H. Bradfield

Petroleum Geology of Anahuac and Frio Formations of Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Lauro A. Yzaguirre

Geology and Petroleum Development of Continental Shelf of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gordon I. Atwater

Interior Salt Domes of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

G. C. Clark

Delaware and Val Verde Basins, Texas-New Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. D. Vertrees, Glen Egans, C. Hayden Atchison

Stratigraphic Controls on Pennsylvanian Oil of Paradox Basin, Four Corners Region: ABSTRACT

Sherman A. Wengerd

Structure of the Frontal Belt of Ouachita Mountains: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Hendricks

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists Symposium on Pennsylvanian Rocks of Colorado: ABSTRACT

William Wyman Mallory

Recent Developments in Alaska: ABSTRACT

W. B. Sherman, J. W. Watson

New Upper Devonian Reef Producing Horizon, North-Central Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Alexander Clark

Bathymetry and Sediments of Bay of Campeche, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Joe S. Creager

Challenge to Oil Exploration Management: ABSTRACT

Maury M. Travis