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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Paleogeographic Development of South America

Horacio J. Harrington

Gravity and Magnetics for Geologists and Seismologists

L. L. Nettleton

Radiocarbon Dating of California Basin Sediments

K. O. Emery , E. E. Bray

Uncompahgre Front and Salt Anticline Region of Paradox Basin, Colorado and Utah

Donald P. Elston , Eugene M. Shoemaker , E. R. Landis

Regional Geophysical Studies in Salt Valley-Cisco Area, Utah and Colorado

H. R. Joesting, J. E. Case

Regional Distribution Patterns of Pennsylvanian Sandstones in Illinois Basin

Paul Edwin Potter

Ste. Genevieve (Mississippian) Formation at Its Type Locality in Missouri

Nicholas M. Short

Note 28 Application to American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature For an Amendment of Article 4f of the Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature on Informal Status of Named Aquifers, Oil Sands, Coal Beds, and Quarry Layers: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

The Geologic Names Committee

Eocene Age of Almy Formation, Wyoming, in its Type Area: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Steven S. Oriel , C. Lewis Gazin , Joshua I. Tracey, Jr.

San Gabriel Fault Zone: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

John B. Shepard, Jr.

Challenge to Cambrian Prospecting: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Paul Weaver

New Orleans Barrier Island: ABSTRACT

R. L. Corbeille

Photogeology in Louisiana Coastal Marsh and Swamp: ABSTRACT

Charles DeBlieux

Structural Geology and History of the Fairway Field Area, Henderson and Anderson Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Bruce W. Fox

Improved Interpretation of Formation Productivity by Combined Use of Core Analysis and Electric Log Data: ABSTRACT

Raymond J. Granberry, Richard C. Wilshusen

Stratigraphy of the Carrizo-Wilcox of a Portion of South Texas and its Relationship to Production: ABSTRACT

Richard N. Hargis

Downdip Limits of Production in the Oligocene of the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas: ABSTRACT

Houston Geological Society Study Group, G. H. Gore (chm.)

Yegua and Wilcox Potential, Upper Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Houston Geological Society Study Group, Clinton A. Leuth (chm.)

Subsurface Geology of St. Helena, Tangipahoa, Washington and St. Tammany Parishes, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Herbert J. Howe

Significance of Lower Tuscaloosa Sand Patterns in Southwest Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Harold E. Karges

Fashing Field, Atascosa-Karnes Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Keahey

Person Field: ABSTRACT

R. W. Knapp

Camerina and Cibicides Hazzardi Stratigraphic Intervals of Southwest Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Lafayette Geological Society Study Group

Big John (Edwards) Field: ABSTRACT

C. D. Lang

Computer Applications to Log Interpretation: ABSTRACT

James J. Maricelli

Stratigraphic Implications from Studies of the Mesozoic of Central and Southern Mississippi: ABSTRACT

William H. Moore

Basin Frontiers and Limits of Exploration in the Cretaceous System of Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Shreveport Geological Society Study Group

Central Texas Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Delos R. Tucker

Application of Marine Ecology in the Gulf Coast Tertiary: ABSTRACT

William R. Walton

Distribution of Foraminifera and Ostracoda off the Gulf Coast of the Cape Romano Area, Florida: ABSTRACT

William K. Benda, Harbans S. Puri

Bigenerina humblei and the Humble H. L. Ellender No. 1, Lirette Field, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

E. Ann Butler

Robulus "43 ' and Discorbis "4"--Two Useful Miocene Foraminifera in Louisiana: ABSTRACT

E. Ann Butler

Foraminiferal Populations and Faunas in the Barrier Reef and Lagoon of British Honduras: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Cebulski

Paleoecology of the Choctawhatchee Deposits at Jackson Bluff, Florida: ABSTRACT

Jules R. Dubar, Donald S. Taylor

Biostratigraphy of South-Central Lafourche Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Gerald C. Glaser

Palynology of the Midway-Wilcox Boundary in South-Central Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Eugene L. Jones

Some "Marker" Foraminiferida from the Miocene of Southeast Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Hubert C. Skinner, Gerald C. Glaser

Current Status of the Upper Eocene Foraminiferal Guide Fossil, Cribrohantkenina: ABSTRACT

Gary L. Spraul

Falling-Water-Level Ripple Marks: ABSTRACT

William F. Tanner

Seasonal Ecological Study of Foraminifera from Timbalier Bay, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Robert P. Waldron