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Anatomy of Stratigraphic Trap, Bisti Field, New Mexico

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Sedimentary Environments in Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone in Northwestern Colorado

Donald W. Lane

Possible Mechanism for Concentration of Brines in Subsurface Formations

J. D. Bredehoeft , C. R. Blyth , W. A. White , G. B. Maxey (5)

Ordovician Chazy Group in Southern Quebec

H. J. Hofmann

Tertiary Rocks of Spitbergen

D. J. Atkinson

Rhythmic Linear Sand Bodies Caused by Tidal Currents

Theodore Off

Influence of Climate on Varves and Bedding: ABSTRACT

Roger Y. Anderson

Structure of Portions of the Northern Continental Shelf, Gulf of Mexico, as Determined by Seismic Refraction Measurements: ABSTRACT

John W. Antoine, James Harding

Geologic Record of Hurricanes: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, Eugene A. Shinn, Kenneth W. Stockman

Foraminiferal Biofacies in Sediments of the Gulf of Batabano, Cuba: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Vela Uniform as of Early 1963: ABSTRACT

Charles C. Bates, Louis C. Pakiser

Recent Meander Belt Deposits of the Brazos River: An Alluvial "Sand" Model: ABSTRACT

H. A. Bernard, C. F. Major, Jr.

Introduction: Why a Symposium on Continental Shelves and Slopes?: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. F. Berry

Patterned Sedimentation of Pennsylvanian and Permian Marine Strata in Part of the Cordilleran Area: ABSTRACT

H. J. Bissell

Sedimentary Facies Model of Turbidites: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma

West Bastian Bay Field, South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Clyde A. Brooke, Parker S. Turner

Progress in Research on Origin and Migration of Oil: ABSTRACT

Ellis E. Bray

Geology of Mount Gran Area, Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Parker E. Calkin, Samuel B. Treves, Arthur Mirsky

Detrital Heavy Minerals of Upper Triassic Sandstones of West Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles J. Cazeau

Role of Bryozoa in Cenozoic Paleoecology: ABSTRACT

Alan H. Cheetham

Effect of Climate and Source Area Location on Browns Park Formation Petrology: ABSTRACT

Wayne A. Chisholm

Minor Sedimentary Structures in a Prograding Distributary: ABSTRACT

James M. Coleman, Sherwood M. Gagliano, James E. Webb

Deep Lower Cretaceous Exploration on the Western Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Theodore D. Cook

Deep Hunting Grounds: ABSTRACT

Ira H. Cram

Exploration of the Lower Frio Formation of Calhoun, Jackson, and Matagorda Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

James S. Critz

Geologic Researches and Scientific Manpower: ABSTRACT

Carey Croneis

The Age of Energy: ABSTRACT

Morgan J. Davis

Stratigraphy of the Vicksburg Equivalent of Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Patrick J. V. Delaney

Evolution of the Continental Shelf and Slope: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Dietz

Bias Factors in Loose-Grain Data: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Dixon

Atlantic Margin of North America: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Drake

Early Vadose Silt in Townsend Mound (Reef), New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Dunham

Concepts of the Atoka: ABSTRACT

Maxim K. Elias

Characteristics of Continental Shelves and Slopes: ABSTRACT

K. O. Emery

Sediment and Structure in the Deep Basin of the Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Maurice Ewing, John Ewing, Charles Drake

Model for Cyclic Sedimentation in the Appalachian Pennsylvanian: ABSTRACT

J. C. Ferm, E. G. Williams

Recent Carbonates of Isla Mujeres? Quintana Roo: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Folk

Research and the Petroleum Industry: ABSTRACT

Harold Gershinowitz

Detailed Stratigraphic Control Through Dip Computations: ABSTRACT

J. A. Gilreath, J. J. Maricelli

Analysis Techniques and Signal Enhancement Methods Applied to the Bellshill Lake Stratigraphic Trap Program: ABSTRACT

R. J. Graebner, D. F. Brennan

Geological Significance of the Moonie Oil Field Discovery, Queensland, Australia: ABSTRACT

Doyle T. Graves

Devonian Gas Fields in British Columbia: A Problem in Carbonate Petrology: ABSTRACT

Frank F. Gray

Aragonite Formation by Marine Bacteria: ABSTRACT

Leonard J. Greenfield

Development of Clay Mineral Zones During Deltaic Migration--Subsurface Recent Sediments of the Eastern Mississippi Delta Area: ABSTRACT

George M. Griffin, Blair S. Parrott

Geology and Petroleum Exploration, Western Arctic Islands: ABSTRACT

Conrad O. Hage

Cyclicity in Permian Evaporites of Western Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

William E. Ham

Field Results Obtained with the VIBROSEIS^target Method: ABSTRACT

James E. Hawkins, Sidney W. Schoellhorn

Photogeology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

Edward F. Haye

Depositional Environment of the Devonian Tully Limestone of Central New York: ABSTRACT

Philip H. Heckel

Project Mohole, a Progress Report: ABSTRACT

William B. Heroy

Heterogeneity of the Upper Mantle: ABSTRACT

Eugene Herrin

Late Paleozoic Tectonics and Mountain Ranges, Western Texas to Southern Colorado: ABSTRACT

John M. Hills

Cross-Laminations in Graded-Bed Sequences: ABSTRACT

K. Jinghwa K. Hsu

Evidence for a Countercurrent Beneath the Florida Current: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Hurley

Paleoecologic, Sedimentary, and Structural History of the Late Tertiary Capistrano Embayment, California: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle

Lower Devonian Algae and Encrusting Foraminifera from New South Wales: ABSTRACT

Harlan J. Johnson

Sedimentary Facies and Palaeocurrents in the Boss Point Formation, Southeastern New Brunswick: ABSTRACT

D. J. C. Laming, D. E. Lawson ()

Big Geology for Big Needs: ABSTRACT

A. I. Levorsen

Floating Drilling Methods Open Areas for Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

S. H. Lloyd

Structure of the Argentine Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

W. J. Ludwig, John I. Ewing, Maurice Ewing

Continental Geophysics: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Lyons

Sandstone Porosity--How Deep?: ABSTRACT

John C. Maxwell

Application of Multivariate Statistical Techniques to the Study of the Chemical Composition of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

G. V. Middleton

Economics of Offshore Oil and Gas Production: ABSTRACT

E. B. Miller

Tectonic Pattern of Middle America: ABSTRACT

J. D. Moody

Sedimentary Framework of Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

David G. Moore, Joseph R. Curray

Miette Reef Complex (Devonian), Jasper National Park, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Eric W. Mountjoy

Geologic History and Framework of Gulf-atlantic Geosyncline: ABSTRACT

Grover E. Murray

Current Research of the U. S. Geological Survey: ABSTRACT

Thomas B. Nolan

Pre-Maquoketa (Middle Ordovician) Cyclic Sediments in the Upper Mississippi Valley Area: ABSTRACT

Meredith Eggers Ostrom

Trace Elements in Recent and Fossil Mollusk Shells: ABSTRACT

Orrin H. Pilkey, H. G. Goodell

Patterns of Flow and Channeling in Tidal Inlets: ABSTRACT

W. Price Armstrong

Recent Carbonate Shoal Complexes in Northern British Honduras: ABSTRACT

Walter Pusey

Transgressions and Regressions in the Gulf Coast Tertiary: ABSTRACT

E. H. Rainwater

Evolution and Dispersal of the Early Permian Fusulinid Genera Pseudoschwagerina and Paraschwagerina: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross

Lower Permian Bryozoa, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

June Phillips Ross

How to Evaluate Exploration Prospects: ABSTRACT

Ben F. Rummerfield, Norman S. Morrisey

Modern Turbidites: Terrigenous Abyssal Plain Versus Bioclastic Basin: ABSTRACT

Gene A. Rusnak, W. D. Nesteroff

Tectonic History of the Glasford Cryptoexplosion Structure: ABSTRACT

Robert Ryan, T. C. Buschbach

Symmetry, Stratigraphy, and Petrography of Cyclic Cretaceous Deposits of the San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Dimple Limestone Microfossils from the Marathon Region of Texas: ABSTRACT

G. A. Sanderson, W. E. King

Role of Gravity Data in Offshore Exploration: ABSTRACT

Sidney Schafer, Jack C. Weyand

Natural Gas Regulation in the Future: ABSTRACT

David T. Searls

Manned Spaceflight--A Challenge to Geologists and Geophysicists: ABSTRACT

Eugene M. Shoemaker

Impact Seismic Techniques: ABSTRACT

Lorenz I. Shock

Crustal Structure Under the Continental Terrace of Western North America: ABSTRACT

George G. Shor, Jr.

TV Borehole Camera--A Visual Approach to Geophysical Logging: ABSTRACT

Nichols M. Short

Development of the COMMAP System: ABSTRACT

H. A. Slack, G. D. Brunton, H. C. Lee, M. A. Rosenfeld, I. H. Cram, Jr.

Vertical Petrographic Variability in Annot Sandstone Turbidites: ABSTRACT

Daniel G. Stanley

Electron Microscope Study of Aragonite Crystals in Marine Sediments: ABSTRACT

H. P. Studer

Late Mississippian Rhythmic Sediments of the Mississippi Valley: ABSTRACT

David H. Swann

Scaled-up Model in Studies of Sediment Transport: ABSTRACT

W. F. Tanner

Dimple Limestone--A Turbidite Sequence: ABSTRACT

Ray M. Thomasson, Alan Thomson

Examination of the Ultrastructure of Some Foraminiferal Tests: ABSTRACT

Kenneth M. Towe, William W. Hay, Ramil C. Wright

Interpretation of Some Pennsylvanian Cyclothems through Environmental Mapping: ABSTRACT

J. B. Tubb, Jr., D. R. Gednetz, A. D. Glover, C. T. Manos, D. E. Orlopp, C. Roseman, J. L. Weiner

Cyclic Lacustrine Sediments in (Upper Triassic) Lockatong Formation, Central New Jersey and Adjacent Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

F. B. Van Houten

Extending Photogeologic Horizons: ABSTRACT

Jack R. Van Lopik, Allen M. Feder

Geophysical Research and Progress in Exploration: ABSTRACT

F. A. Van Melle, D. L. Faass, S. Kaufman, G. W. Postma, A. J. Seriff

Use of the Vertical Profile in Environmental Reconstruction: ABSTRACT

Glenn S. Visher

General Tectonics and Paleozoic Stratigraphy of the Delaware Basin of West Texas: ABSTRACT

R. D. Walker, H. J. McCunn

Origin of Late Paleozoic Cyclothems: ABSTRACT

Harold R. Wanless

Trace Element Composition of Dolostones and Dolomites and Its Bearing on the Dolomite Problem: ABSTRACT

John N. Weber

Petrology and Lithostratigraphy of the Cynthiana and Eden Formations of the Ohio Valley: ABSTRACT

M. P. Weiss, C. E. Norman, W. R. Edwards, E. R. Sharp

Carbonate Cycles: Lower Pennsylvanian Marble Falls Formation, Mason and Kimble Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Don Winston

Appalachian Tectonic Deformation and the Deep Basin: ABSTRACT

Herbert P. Woodward