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Petrography and Evolution of Niagaran (Silurian) Reefs, Indiana

Daniel A. Textoris, Albert V. Carozzi

Cincinnati Arch: Mineralogical-Statistical Evidence of Post-Ordovician Origin

David M. Scotford

Silurian Stratigraphy of Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

C. F. Burk, Jr.

Gas Producing Zones of Greenbrier (Mississippian) Limestone, Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky

Arthur C. Youse

Early Pennsylvanian History of Ely Basin, Nevada

Alan H. Coogan

Revision of Cretaceous Lithostratigraphic Nomenclature, Northwest Sacramento Valley, California

M. A. Murphy , G. L. Peterson , P. U. Rodda

Apparent Dip Calculator: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

R. B. Travis

Snags in a Fresh-Water Paleoenvironment: ABSTRACT

P. Allen

New Mineralogic Observations on Stylolite Seams: ABSTRACT

G. C. Amstutz, Won. C. Park

X-Ray Studies on Nova Scotia Zeolites: ABSTRACT

F. Aumento

Middle Tertiary Foraminiferal Paleoecology, San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Robert E. Arnal

Electron Microscopic Studies of Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

A. W. H. BE, L. Schulz, A. McIntyre

Distribution and Morphological Variations of Living Planktonic Foraminifers: ABSTRACT

Allan W. H. BE, William H. Hamlin

Diagenesis in Pelleted Limestones: ABSTRACT

F. W. Beales

Diagenesis and Depositional Environment of Pre-Harrogate Devonian, British Columbia: ABSTRACT

H. R. Belyea

Differentiation of Late Mississippian--Early Pennsylvanian Pentremites: ABSTRACT

Harold H. Beaver

Relationship of Mineralization to Precambrian Stratigraphy in the Rocks of the Quebec-Labrador Trough: ABSTRACT

Robert Bergeron

Serandite from St. Hilaire, Quebec: ABSTRACT

Jean Boissonnault, Guy Perrault

Preliminary Report on Some Pennsylvanian Reefs from Northwest Ellesmere Island: ABSTRACT

G. F. Bonham-Carter

Nature and Distribution of Iron Silicates in the Gunflint Iron Formation, Port Arthur: ABSTRACT

S. M. A. Boutcher, W. W. Moorhouse

Hydrocarbons in Non-Reservoir Rocks--Source Beds: ABSTRACT

Ellis E. Bray

Exploration Potential of Remote Sensing: ABSTRACT

William A. Brewer

Modal Functions of Sediment Size Distribution: ABSTRACT

Louis I. Briggs

Cationic Substitutions in the Alunite Group: ABSTRACT

Gerald P. Brophy

Sediment Sorting in Alluvial Channels: ABSTRACT

Lucien M. Brush

Shape and Structure of Saharan Cambro-Ordovician Sand Bodies--Paleocurrents and Depositional Environment: ABSTRACT

P. F. Burollet, R. S. Byramjee

Petrology of the Western Canada Basement: ABSTRACT

R. A. Burwash, Z. E. Peterman

Environmental and Stratigraphic Significance of Devonian Stromatolites of Colorado: ABSTRACT

J. A. Campbell, D. L. Baars

Geology of a Portion of the Contwoyto Lake Area, Northwest Territories: ABSTRACT

Alden B. Carpenter

Distribution of Pteropods in Western North Atlantic Sediments: ABSTRACT

Chin Chen, Allan W. H. BE

Tectonic History of the Boothia Arch: ABSTRACT

R. L. Christie, J. W. Kerr

Pembroke Breccia: Solution--Collapse of the Lower Windsor Group (Mississippian) in Central Nova Scotia: ABSTRACT

H. Edward Clifton

Sedimentary Structures: Mississippi River Deltaic Plain: ABSTRACT

James M. Coleman, Sherwood M. Gagliano

Origin and Variation of Festoon or Trough Cross-Stratification with Particular Reference to Sediments of the Sydney Basin, Australia: ABSTRACT

John R. Conolly

Residual Gravity Analysis of the Mid-Continent Gravity High: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Coons, George P. Woollard, Garland Hershey

Deep-Water Sedimentary Structures, Pliocene Pico Formation, Santa Paula Creek, Ventura Basin, California: ABSTRACT

John C. Crowell, Roger A. Hope, James E. Kahle, A. Thomas Ovenshine, Richard H. Sams

Underwater Study of Ripples in Eastern Lake Michigan: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Peace River Arch of Western Canada: ABSTRACT

George de Mille

Electronic Storage, Retrieval, and Processing of Well Data: ABSTRACT

Edward L. Dillon

Relationship of Mineralization to Precambrian Stratigraphy in the Noranda-Mattagami Lake-Val d'Or Districts, Quebec: ABSTRACT

J. Dugas, M. Latulippe

Digital Seismic System in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

R. C. Dunlap, Jr.

Lattice Parameter Studies of Synthetic Nepheline Solid Solutions and Other Tridymite-Type Structures: ABSTRACT

Alan D. Edgar

Geochronology Applied to Exploration Problems: ABSTRACT

George Edwards

Relationship of Mineralization to the Precambrian Volcanic-Sedimentary Complexes in the Porcupine and Red Lake Areas, Ontario: ABSTRACT

S. A. Ferguson

Basement: Not the Bottom But the Beginning: ABSTRACT

Peter T. Flawn

Radiometric Dating of the Bearpaw Sea: ABSTRACT

R. E. Folinsbee, H. Baadsgaard, G. L. Cumming, J. Nascimbene

Some Aspects of Recrystallization of Ancient Limestones: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Folk

Current Computer Usage by Exploration Geologists: ABSTRACT

James M. Forgotson, Jr., Charles F. Iglehart, John F. Rivette

Time-Trend Analysis in Paleoecology: ABSTRACT

William T. Fox

Calcite Aragonite Problem: ABSTRACT

W. S. Fyfe

Stromatoporoidea of the Devonian Souris River Formation from the Subsurface of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

J. J. Galloway, David M. Lane, J. Jean, Jr.

Principles and Limitations of Precambrian Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

J. E. Gill

Distribution of the Reef-Building Community in Florida and the Bahamas: ABSTRACT

R. N. Ginsburg, Eugene A. Shinn

Some Minerals from the Oka Alkaline Complex, Oka, Quebec: ABSTRACT

David P. Gold

Relationship of Mineralization to Stratigraphy in the Precambrian Volcanic-Sedimentary Complex, Michipicoten Area, Ontario: ABSTRACT

A. M. Goodwin

Millerite at Strathcona Mine, Sudbury District: ABSTRACT

A. R. Graham, R. Buchan, C. R. Lee

An Algorithmic Program for the Analysis of Detrital Reservoir Rocks: ABSTRACT

J. C. Griffiths

Comparison of the Devonian-Mississippian Boundary Sequence of Western Montana with the Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

R. C. Gutschick

Penecontemporaneous Dolomite in Upper Silurian Cyclothems, South-Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

V. E. Gwinn, D. M. Bain

Basement Rocks and Structural Evolution of Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

W. E. Ham, R. E. Denison, C. A. Merritt

Basement Control of Keweenawan and Cambrian Sedimentation in the Lake Superior Region: ABSTRACT

W. K. Hamblin

Geochemistry's Role in Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

W. E. Hanson

Use of Factor Analysis in Recognizing Facies Boundaries: ABSTRACT

John W. Harbaugh

Stratification, Bed Forms, and Flow Phenomena (with an Example from the Rio Grande): ABSTRACT

J. C. Harms, R. K. Fahnestock

X-Ray Spectrographic Analysis of Minute Mineral Samples: ABSTRACT

D. C. Harris, E. J. Brooker

Effect of Hurricanes on Nearshore Sedimentary Environments of Coastal Bend Area of South Texas: ABSTRACT

Miles O. Hayes

Late Tertiary and Quaternary Events as Interpreted from Radiolaria in Antarctic Sediments: ABSTRACT

James D. Hays, Bruce C. Heezen

Lithium Metasomatism Around Pegmatites: ABSTRACT

E. Wm. Heinrich

Properties of the Crust: ABSTRACT

John H. Hodgson

Genetic and Geometric Relations Between Structures in Basement and Overlying Sedimentary Rocks, with Examples from the Colorado Plateau and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Hodgson

Normal and Reverse Pleochroism in Biotite: ABSTRACT

D. D. Hogarth

Succession of Tornoceras and Related Genera in the Devonian of New York and Adjacent States: ABSTRACT

M. R. House

Montoya Group (Ordovician) Carbonate Petrology of Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Herbert J. Howe

Penecontemporary Dolomite in the Persian Gulf: ABSTRACT

L. V. Illing, A. J. Wells

Sedimentary Structures in Modern Carbonate Sands of the Bahamas: ABSTRACT

John Imbrie

Sedimentary Structures in Layered Ultrabasic Rocks: ABSTRACT

T. N. Irvine

Permian Calcareous Algae from Northwestern Washington and Southwestern British Columbia: ABSTRACT

J. Harlan Johnson, W. R. Danner

Stratigraphy of the Steep Rock Group, Steep Rock Lake, Ontario, and Evidence for Evolution of the Precambrian Atmosphere: ABSTRACT

A. W. Jolliffe

Size and Distribution of Oil and Gas Fields: ABSTRACT

Gordon Kaufman

Primary Structures in the Middle Jurassic Great Oolite Series, Southern England: ABSTRACT

George deVries Klein

Petrology of the Simsboro Formation (Eocene) of Northeast Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Kohls

The Computer in Geology: the State of the Art: ABSTRACT

W. C. Krumbein

Sedimentary Structures and Paleocurrents in the Lower New Red Sandstone, Devonshire, England: ABSTRACT

D. J. C. Laming

Devonian Paleoecology of Northeastern Alberta: ABSTRACT

D. M. Loranger

Dolomitization of Recent and Plio-Pleistocene Sediments by Marine Evaporite Waters on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles: ABSTRACT

F. J. Lucia, P. K. Weyl, K. S. Deffeyes

Petrography of the Southesk-Cairn Carbonate Complex, Western Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

W. S. MacKenzie

Critical Analysis of the Gladstone-Dale Rule and Its Constants: ABSTRACT

J. A. Mandarino

Techniques of Exploration for Buried Landscapes: ABSTRACT

Rudolf Martin

Study of Foliate Structure in Molluscan Shells Indicating Specific Differences on the Generic Level: ABSTRACT

Andrew McIntyre

Interpretation of Stratification: ABSTRACT

Edwin D. McKee

Foraminifers from the Eagle Ford-Austin Contact, Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

C. L. McNulty, Jr.

Pottsville Conglomerates in Pennsylvania: Paleocurrents and Origin: ABSTRACT

L. D. Meckel, Jr.

Application of Diagenetic Principles to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

D. N. Miller, Jr.

Aspects of Reef Developments as Illustrated by the Devonian Ancient Wall Reef Complex, Alberta: ABSTRACT

E. W. Mountjoy

Basement in the Continental Interior of the United States: ABSTRACT

W. R. Muehlberger, R. E. Denison, E. G. Lidiak

Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry of Porphyries and Granitic Rocks at Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories: ABSTRACT

Gregory Mursky

Survey of Diapirs and Diapirism: ABSTRACT

Gerald D. O'Brien

Fissility in Argillaceous Rocks: ABSTRACT

Neil R. O'Brien

Correlation of Grain-Size Distribution and Mineralogy with Depositional Environment in the Dakota Formation (Cretaceous) of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Don E. Owen

Cluster Analysis Applied to Multivariate Geologic Problems: ABSTRACT

James M. Parks

Paleocurrents in the Triassic of Northeastern British Columbia, Canada: ABSTRACT

B. R. Pelletier

Carbonate Petrography of Blaine Formation (Permian), North Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Eugene C. Pendery

Pyrochlore from Oka, Province of Quebec, Canada: ABSTRACT

Guy Perrault

Mineralogy of the Mount Pleasant Tin Deposit in New Brunswick: ABSTRACT

William Petruk

Silurian Stratigraphic and Structural History in Indiana from the Cincinnati Arch to the Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

Arthur P. Pinsak, Robert H. Shaver

Evolution of Chazyan (Ordovician) Reefs of Eastern United States and Canada: ABSTRACT

Max Pitcher

Age and Stratigraphic Significance for Lyellian Correlation of the Vigo Formation and Fauna, Luzon, Philippines: ABSTRACT

W. P. Popenoe, R. M. Kleinpell

Diagenesis of Recent Marine Carbonate Sediments: ABSTRACT

Edward G. Purdy

Diagenesis in Jurassic-Cretaceous Clastic Rocks in Southwestern Alberta and the Interpretation of Sedimentary Environments: ABSTRACT

June E. Rapson

Intrusive Carbonate in the Ice River Complex, British Columbia: ABSTRACT

June E. Rapson

Silurian Conodonts from Central Kentucky and Their Relation to European Zones: ABSTRACT

Carl B. Rexroad

Experimental Consolidation of Carbonate Mud: ABSTRACT

Eugene C. Robertson

Relation of Mineralization to Precambrian Stratigraphy, Blind River Area, Ontario: ABSTRACT

James A. Robertson

Early and Middle Pennsylvanian Fusulinids from Horquilla Limestone, Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross, Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Basement Studies in Midwestern United States: ABSTRACT

Albert J. Rudman, Charles H. Summerson, William J. Hinze

Miocene-Recent Planktonic Foraminifera from Ampere Bank, Northeastern Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Tsunemasa Saito

Primary Sedimentary Structures Produced By Turbidity Currents: ABSTRACT

John E. Sanders

Facies Diagenesis, and Related Reservoir Properties in the Gigas Beds (Upper Jurassic), Northwestern Germany: ABSTRACT

Volkmar Schmidt

Sediments of the Caicos Cone, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Eric D. Schneider, Bruce C. Heezen

High-Pressure Studies in the System MgO--SiO2 and the Constitution of the Upper Mantle: ABSTRACT

C. B. Sclar, L. C. Carrison, C. M. Schwartz

Genesis of Silica Cement in Sandstones and Its Replacement by Carbonates: ABSTRACT

G. D. Sharma

Test of the Discriminant Function in the Amphibolite Problem: ABSTRACT

D. M. Shaw, A. M. Kudo

Formation of Recent Dolomite in Florida and the Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn, R. N. Ginsburg

Carbon Isotope Geochemistry of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

S. R. Silverman

Sediment Structures Generated by Flow in Alluvial Channels: ABSTRACT

D. B. Simons, E. V. Richardson, Carl Nordin

Basement Influences on Tectonic Cycles in Basins: ABSTRACT

L. L. Sloss

X-Ray Fluorescence Determination of Ni, Cu, and Zn in Rock Powders with Variable Matrices: ABSTRACT

J. R. Smith, R. G. Arnold

Famennian Reefs in Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Peter Sonnenfeld

Paleoecologic Implications of Late Paleozoic Faunal Assemblages in Western United States: ABSTRACT

Calvin H. Stevens

Geochemical Prospecting--A Critical Review: ABSTRACT

Nelson P. Stevens

Structural Features of the Canadian Shield: ABSTRACT

C. H. Stockwell

Depositional Environments of Some Cretaceous Sediments, Rocky Mountain Foothills, Canada: ABSTRACT

D. F. Stott

Identification of Clinopyroxenes by X-ray Diffraction and Optical Methods: ABSTRACT

Marc G. Tanguay

Geochemistry of the Sulphur Isotopes and Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

H. G. Thode

Fluvial Processes as Interpreted from Ancient and Recent Fluvial Deposits: ABSTRACT

Glenn S. Visher

Telluric Currents and Their Use in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

K. Vozoff, R. M. Ellis

Basement Control in the Structural Evolution of Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Jack L. Walper

Oxygen Isotope Ratios in Fresh-Water Limestones as Sensitive Paleoclimatic Temperature Indicators: ABSTRACT

Jon N. Weber

Composition and Structure of the Keewatin Volcanic Rocks: ABSTRACT

H. D. B. Wilson

Conodont Distribution in a Middle Ordovician Limestone: ABSTRACT

C. Gordon Winder

Significance of Hydrocarbon Disposition in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

W. M. Zarrella, J. W. Earley